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Germany, Berlin – Among Cultures

Published: 16.11.2022
Let yourselves draw into vibrant Berlin, into its districts as Kreuzberg, Neukölln or Prenzlauer Berg. Many tourists like to wander around the Museum Island, Brandenburg gate, or Fernsehturm TV tower in Berlin-Mitte (downtown). As in case of the Eiffel Tower the Fernsehturm can be seen from all corners of the city.

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It is thrilling to walk among sarcophages, Egyptian hieroglyphic scrolls in Neues Museum. Standing before the Ishtar Gate in Pergamonmuseum, seeing paintings and sculptures by famous and less famous masters in Alte Nationalgalerie are all very thrilling experiences. Be sure to visit the Holocaust Memorial (a memorial to murdered Jews and Roma people) which is quite close to the Brangenburg gate. Alternatively you can go inside a concrete block to see to see a short, interesting video devoted to all homosexual victims to the Nazi regime. Berlin may seem overcrowded, commercial, with many new buildings in progress, and dull.

Neues Museum Neues Museum

Berlín is not just about museums and landmarks, luxurious shops and design cafes. It is the city of many cultures and nationalities. Creative people make the atmosphere of this city. Prenzlauer Berg district comes to life especially every summer and spring Sunday. The famous Mauerpark sees karaoke, street artists perform all kinds of art, a broup of boys play basketball on a concrete spot. Ten stalls are squeezed one between another along a park. They art part of the most famous flea market in Berlin (Flohmarkt). There are all kinds of antique peaces hardly to obtain anywhere else. Cloth bags, badges, old camera or vinyls are all there sold.

karaoke v Mauerparku

Maybachufermarkt market in Kreuzberg bring up similar enthusiasm in you. The market happens several times a week. One time Turks shout one over another to seel you fresh fruits. Price of fruits tends to be lower at the end of the day. A mango costs you around 2 euro in the morning and later, in the evening, you can get four for fifty cents, or a small case full of apricots for one euro. The same applies to strawberries, grapes, pears, or watermelon. Stalls with hand-crafts, cloths, Arabic sweets and all kinds of delicious sweets, tortillas, fried meat or yeast bread. There are large crowds, noise there is similar to a hive. Who can resist the aroma of sliced fruits, vendors' energy, or smooth colorful cloths?

annual festival of cultures, Kreuzberg

Those of you willing to experience more intense intercultural contact should go to the district of Kreuzberg. The festival of cultures (Festival der Kulturen) which spans over several days takes place there every year. Its schedule is full of interesting events and also a parade takes place at the festival's end.

Alte Nationalgalerie

Nekölln is a district near Kreuzberg. There are Arabic sweet shops, Sudanese fastfood selling delicious vegan buns with peanut dressing, smoked tofu, or Italian pizzeria. By the way, you can enjoy the view over the city here on the rooftop of Klunkerkranich bar on Karl-Marx-Straße 66.


the sculpture of Jan Amos Komensky in Comenius-GartenOnly several hundred meters from this streetm there is the former settlement of Protestant emigrants from Bohemia and Moravia who fled their homeland in the 18th century – Böhmisch-Rixdorf (Czech Rixdorf). It is quite a surprise to wander into this part of the city. One feels like he flows through time and space due to small house around. The Comenius-Garden is a small and beautiful park named after Jan Amos Komensky. You can find it on Richardstraße street.


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Text and photos: Ester Dobiášová

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