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Great Britain, Warwick – A Town in Warwickshire

Published: 15.9.2017
The last time when we visited Windsor together we noted that it is one of the most beautiful castles ever. However, once you lay your eyes on Warwick, you realize that it constitutes significant competition to Windsor. Warwick is a massive medieval castle situated by the River Avona. It's history dates back to early Middle-Ages. In the year 915, it was built by the daughter of Alfred the Great, the King of Wessex. This castle soon became an important seat of power. Its lords were even called "kingmakers"


The castle is interesting fo its high walls and tower. It is a very interesting tourist attraction. Perhaps you have heard of funny and popular Horrible Histories series. The authors designed an adventurous maze. Children must find their way and go through various historical periods from the Viking era to the Great War. Moreover, there is a theatrical performance. In half an hour it introduces the audience to the 1000 years long history of the castle.

Warwick was renovated in the 17th and 18th centuries. Local collection of furniture, china, statues and paintings dates back to his period. Visitors may also see a large collection of weapons, a horryfying dungeon, working trebuchet and wax model museum designed by Madam Tusseaud's London.

Warwick Castle

Once you are done with walking through the castle (prepare to spend there more than one or two hours) go to Warwick's historic center. It consists of the 17th and 18th century houses. One of the most interesting is the Court building featuring a beautiful Georgian dance hall. Also, make some time to see Saturday markets on Market Square. Vendors sell local produce and it is here where you can get taste of some local specialties. In case you want to see some of the local butiques then go to Swan or Smith Streets.

Leamington Spa

Lord Leycester Hospital is yet another interesting place situated in the city center . It is a complex of half-timbered houses used to house war veterans and their wives. The hospital still serves its original purpose. However, it is often opened to the public and a regular venue of many social events.

Lord Leycester Hospital

Also, we would like to mention the Market Hall museum with magnificent exhibits on the history of Warwickshire, or ehixibts on social life or natural history. Some of the most attractive exhibits include a model of late 16th century housing or amazing replica of Victorian kitchen and a classroom. Moreover, there is an exhibition of contemporary clothing, toys, dolls, and games.


Last but not least is our stop in Royal Lemington Spa. It takes rather a longer walk as the spa is about 3 kilometers from Warwick. Alternatively, you can try to find a public transportatio nline which would get you there. The spa is famous for its healing spring. Moreover, visitors can walk through local greenhouses or visit lovely café.

GPS: 52°16'47.9"N 1°35'05.7"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org: Poliphilo, David Alonso Pérez, Misterweiss, Tony Grist, Elliott Brown, DeFacto

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