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India – Expedition Tiger: The Journey and the Welcome

Published: 9.3.2019
I should probably go to sleep as I have to get up at 3.30 am, but what if I'm not tired. Everything is packed up, I'm just wondering whether to take a raincoat or not when it reports a sunny 44 ° C. Finally I took her out of the trunk. But I recommend that you take it, it is practical when a cloud breaks up.

It seems so that as soon as I close my eyes, I wake up. There is no traffic at this time, so I'm at the airport in 15 minutes. Check-in without any problems, one stop in Amsterdam and then straight to Delhi. There are plenty of places on the plane; strangely, the plane is full of only half. We arrive shortly before the midnight.


An immigration oficialities are ahead of us.. It is necessary to fill in the short form, date of birth, passport number and place of first accommodation. I have a printed boarding pass from the Internet that does not really like the official, so I try another, from an airport that I just happen to because I changed my seat ... There are no other problems, I pass the visa check, and for a while I got it all behind me.

Hurá už odjíždějí kufry! No catastrophic scenarios that we will have no luggage. Our driver promptly picks us up - Jamid. We expect an estimated 7 hours drive.

Nové Dillí

The traffic here is on the left, sometimes in the opposite direction. For a while you will see a road and all of a sudden it will end and then reappear again. It happened to us and all of a sudden we road on dirty soil. A big surprise are the constant bumps (asphalt) that make us slow down. Frequently, signs appear with the speed limit of 30-40 km/h; if these are not at place, we drive at a maximum of 70 km/h.


Traffic is heavy, trucks around us are improved upon by many things - small flag-like cloths, flowers, drawings, the more colorful, the better. And you also need to know about yourself. I can not determine whether it's music or just a tangle of tones, in any case it has to be very loud! Those sounds are supposed to replace horns.

Slowly, if I should compare the country to a country I have visited already, perhaps to Sri Lanka. The similarity is obvious!

cestou z letiště

Along the road, cows roam raound. They are very dilapidated, predominantly white, occasionally black or spotted. And something else is often repeated, cars covered with a huge canvas, inside them I mean cotton. At first glance it reminds you of a huge feather duo.

Finally, we arrived at the hotel. A welcome welcome in the form of a flower hinge is waiting for us. I think they're african, it's nice. The hotel is very pleasant, spacious rooms, large bathrooms and cleaning several times a day.


Next time we shall tell you about the Ranthambore National Park. Get ready for safari!


GPS: (Delhi international airport) 28°33'29.0"N 77°05'40.7"E


Text: Magdaléna Radostová

Photos: Magdaléna Radostová, Wikimedia Commons: Aktron

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