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Iran, Isfahan – Persian Pride – VIDEO

Published: 26.1.2016
I have seen a lot – huge Buddha statues on Sri Lanka, beautiful temples in Thailand and Laos, monumental medieval cathedrals across Europe… But Iran is just breathtaking. We start our journey in the former capital located in the center of the country.

Isfahan lays on the crossroads of many important trade routes, the Silk Road included This made it one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world and there is a lot to see from it what has survived until the present. Most of buildings in Isfahan were constructed between 16th and 17th centuries. During this time period the city ceased to be the capital of Persian rulers.


A comfortable bus, train or plane would get you from Teheran to Isfahan and charter flights from the Arab countries and Turkey fly regularly to the city as well. Also, there are plenty guest houses or hotels offering accommodation.

Isfahan Isfahán Isfahan

Start your tour of the city at Naghsh-e Jahan square, one of the world’s largest. It is also listed in UNESCO world heritage list. There are stores selling marvelous Persian carpets. Some shops are occupied by smiths, potters and other types of artisans. Some plainly if you want to drink a cup of tea with them. Don’t worry to accept such invitation for they will gladly show you their work without pushing you to buy something. So unlike India or Turkey – here you buy what you want. If not you just drink your tea …

artisans of Isfahan artisans often spontaneously invite for a cup of tea

Pay attention to the former royal palace of Ali Quapu and beautiful Shah mosque. Be sure to explore interiors of these where fascinating works of local architects and artists are put on display.

 Shah mosque

 Shah mosque  Shah mosque

We keep on going Si-o-se Pol, a long stone bridge which crosses an “occasional” river“, only several days a year it creek sees flowing water. Many people like to gather there using the place as a meeting spot in the evenings. They like to sit under its mighty arcs.

 the  Si-o-se Pol stone bridge, the  Si-o-se Pol stone bridge, a popular meeting spot

Be sure to try some of local delicious food. Your choice range from many types of Iranian kebab, classic stews made of herbs, meat and legume, or meals with flatbreads for side dish. In Armenian neighborhood on the other side of the river, they offer other delicious meals. Moreover, you can visit local Christian cathedral.

Isfahan Isfahán

Once you get tired of walks through the city try to climb some of the mountains looming above Isfahan. In one instance a paved pathway and a cable car lead to the top. Up above the clouds you can enjoy the vista of the surroundings. Stop by at some tea shop in the evening. They offer some of the best hookahs in the world.

GPS: 32°39'22.6"N 51°40'35.1"E

Text, photo, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Dexter Britain

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