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Ireland – The Cliffs of Moher and a Trip to the Aras Islands

Published: 20.4.2017
The Cliffs of Moher are among the main tourist places, a must for almost anybody who visits Ireland. The cliffs are situated in the western part of the country. Buses can get you there quick and easy from almost any place in Ireland.

If beginning in Dublin, you can take a commented trip with a guide which costs about 40 euro. Unfortunately, at the destination the time for a walk around is bit short (1,5 hours). Therefore, I recommend you to visit the Cliffs of Moher on your own. Irish public buses are comfortable. Drivers are nice and you really don't have to worry about anything. We set off alone and stayed in Doolin, a town about 9 kilometers from the main cliffs. We took an entire day to see the cliffs. It was trully worth it. We set off at about half past nine, the time when many tourist and Irishmen usually still sleep.

cesta na Moherské útesy   cesta na Moherské útesy

cesta na Moherské útesy   cesta na Moherské útesy

The sun was shining. Grassy meadows spread ahead of us. Donkyes, cows, and horses grazed upon grass there. The blue ocean was on the other side line by rising cliffs. Maybe, you will be more lucky to spot a puff bird, or even a whale in open sea. A tourist trail goes along the coast. By going down the trail you will reach the main point of interest. The tripis easy, elevation is mild, and there are almost no tourist crowds. These usually reach the cliffs from the other side (you don't even have to pay for entering the cliffs). Had you enough time, I pledge that you won't regret making this trip. Even now I am sure that I will return here at some point.

na Moherských útesech – hlavní turistická část   Na Moherských útesech – hlavní turistická část

A visit to the Aran Islands was planned for the following day. So, we booked a place on a ferry. It travels there for little more than an hour. Unfortunately, the wather was bad on the day of our trip there. We should have taken it as a sort of bad sign. A little boat was waiting for us in the port already. It's name was very strange. I still don't understand how could I have been so excited about seeing a whale. First minutes on the sea were still quite good Once I stood up, the boat speeded up. I fell back on my place and couldn't stand up ever since. Therefore, I need to recommend you - if you love the craziest of attractions at fairs, this one is true challenge.

Aranské ostrovy

Even though it doesn't seem like it, I still remember this trip fondly. The Arans are simply beautiful. We rented bikes (the best way how to travel around the island) and set off for a ride. There is amazing nature on the island - rumbling sea hitting the cliffs, goats grazing upon grass on meadows, beautiful white send beaches covered with clams (and the icy ocean where we took a swim). You can buy, for instance, socks made of typical Irish wool at souvenir stores. At this time you can start preparing for a ferry ride back.

Aran islands   Aran islands

GPS: (The Cliffs of Moher) 52°58'17.6"N 9°25'36.1"W

Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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