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Italy, Milan – Parco Sempione and Castello Sforzesco

Published: 11.7.2018
Not only the busy fashion streets are present in the city, but also the space to relax in the shade of the city parks will offer its visitors Milan. Of a number of parks, do not miss at least the city center. And this is not only because Castello Sforzesco Castle is located here.

In such a big city you can not miss the parks where you sit for a while and where you will just look in the green. There are several of them here. The nearest to the center is the Giardini della Guastalla, a small park located at the University of Milan. Its size is just for the presence of a playground and small space for dogs, but it is one of the oldest public parks in the city. There are also some architecturally attractive elements around a 17th-century pond, creating a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

hradby Castello Sforzesco (Milán)

I park Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli was erected near the city center as well. This important and historic city park was founded in 1784 and was named after journalist and writer Indro Montanell in 2002. You can visit it not only for relaxation, but also the Natural History Museum or Planetarium.

nádvoří Castello Sforzesco (Milán)

In the historic center along the road from the dome, your steps will surely be headed for a truly impressive park - Parco Sempione. Founded in 1893 on the site of the ancient Piazza d'armi, it occupies an area of up to 386,000 m². It is a park of romantic English style, surrounded by a rich flora, a pond with Ponte delle Sirenetta bridge (Francesco Tettamanzi) and a fountain. It is open to the public from 6.30 am. There are plenty of sports and leisure facilities for children and adults. There are also several bars, so you can sit not only on the bench but also have some coffee there.

detail fontány na pití – Castello Sforzesco (Milán)

The historic buildings and institutions of Milan are important on its edges. In the northeastern part of the park, the neo-classical Arena Civica - Arena Gianni Brera (Luigi Canonica, 1805) is built from the wreckage of a castle with a capacity of 18,000-30,000 people. It was designed for festivals, concerts and similar events. Since 2010, the rugby stadium has been staged and the Notturno di Milano athletic competition takes place here every year.

nádvoří Castello Sforzesco (Milán)

For those who love panoramic views, there is the Torre Branca (Giò Ponti, 1933), a 108.61-meter high tower. Another important landmark of the park is the Palace of Art - Palazzo dell'Arte (Giovanni Muzio, 1933). It houses the international cultural institution Triennale di Milano, which organizes national and international exhibitions and conferences in the field of contemporary art, architecture and design.

In the park you will also find a public library - the Biblioteca del Parco, an aquarium or sculpture. Among the most well-known are, for example, the history of the country (A. Paradiso), the mysterious spa (Giorgio De Chirico, 1973) and the cavalry statue of Napoleon III. (Francesco Barzaghi, 1873). Architect Park designed to create panoramic views of the city's most remarkable monuments, such as the Neo-Classical Arco della Pace and the Castello Sforzesco Castle.

Vítězný oblouk v Parco Sempione (Milán)

Long walls of red bricks protect Castello Sforzesco castle complex and its museums. Therefore, do not hesitate to walk behind the walls of the Sforzo Residences and enter the first of the two courtyards of the complex standing in the historic center.

In the past centuries the city ohas been famous for the Viscontians and Sforzoans, who are associated with this place. Rod Visconti built here a defensive fortress (1360-1370), which was destroyed in 1447. As the Visconti died out of the sword, the government of the city takes on a new family - the Sforzo. In 1450, the present castle was built. The walls of Sala del Tesoro decorated with frescoes in 1490 Bramante. Interior decorations also featured Leonardo da Vinci, Filarete and Cesario Cesariano. The complex of the castle together with the tower was restored in the historical style by the architect Luca Beltrami (1890-1905).

Torre del Filarete (Milán)

Museums and painting sites are now located in individual parts of the castle. You can visit, for example, the Museo d'Arte Antica, the Museo della Preistoria, and other museums such as art, furniture, musical instruments and occasional exhibitions.

Torre del Filarete (Milán)

The most famous room is the Sala delle Asse, where there are ceiling paintings by Leonard Da Vinci, who for several years served as lords of the castle. The Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco Museum presents Da Vinci's papers as well as a collection of sculptures, the most valuable of which is the unfinished Pieta Rondanini by Michelangelo Buonarotti. The statue is his last unfinished work. Michelangelo allegedly worked on her six days before her death.

The Torre del Filarete is the entrance tower above the main entrance of the castle. He owes his name to Renaissance architect A. Averulin, known as Filarete. The 70 meter high clock tower on the top, surrounded by Fontana di Piazza Castello, is another of Milan's symbols.

GPS: 45°28'15.0"N 9°10'44.8"E (Castello Sforzesco)

Text and photos:  Anna Nociarová

Edited by: Infoglobe

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