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Italy, Sardinia - Golfo di Orosei Coast and the Famous Orgosolo

Published: 11.8.2022
Are you thinking about where you will go next summer? How about Sardinia? If you find yourself in the eastern part of this Italian island, I have two travel tips for you. The first of them is a full-day boat trip along the coast of Orosei, the second is the most famous village of the whole island, which lies at the foot of the arid Supramonte mountains.

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There are several options where to stay if you want to visit the coast of Golfo di Orosei. We recommend the small resort of Cala Gonone. It has a pleasant and relaxed seaside atmosphere. From there you can easily rent a boat with a captain and it will take you along the coast to the most beautiful beaches in the area. We set sail early in the morning, when we have amazing views of the coast, beaches and rocks. The experienced captain also takes us to small caves, so we can observe the stalactite decoration directly from the boat.

jeskyní útvary   jeskyně na Cala Luna

Our first stop is Cala Biriola, surrounded by yellow rock walls. We will spend about an hour and a half here before we go on. Next is the Cala dei Gabbiani beach, which is even more charming thanks to the stones that protrude from the sea. We also stop to swim in the blue lagoon and feed the fish. The last beach we are building on is Cala Luna, probably one of the most famous. Along the way, we could also see the beaches of Cala Goloritze and Cala Mariola, which appear on the first rungs of the rankings for the most beautiful beach on the island.

Cala Biriola   Cala Luna

Cala dei Gabbiani

Orgosolo is the most famous mafia village of the whole island. It owes its fame to the so-called murals, which are political paintings on the walls of houses. The tradition of these paintings has been unfolding since 1975. Nowadays, the paintings depict the happenings in the world. Local and foreign artists use their drawings to express their opinion on various social, political and cultural events. You can see on the walls the events of 9/11 in New York, a painting of Hitler already rejecting war, or migrants heading to America. It used to be a village of blood feuds, a rebellion against the Italian state. It was a city of bandits and kidnappers. It wasn't that long ago when the children of local businessmen were drifting in the Nuoro area. Fortunately, these kidnappings ended well after the ransom was paid. The movie Bandités from Orgosol was even filmed in the village. Nowadays, mostly tourists come here to admire the murals and buy souvenirs.

murales v Orgosolo   Murales Orgosolo

murales v Orgosolu

The journey itself through the mountains is a great experience. Stop at a local farm to taste the famous Sardinian pecorino cheese directly from the locals and try wine from the countless vineyards in the area.


GPS: 40°16'52.1"N 9°37'32.3"E

Text and photos: Veronika Kocmanová

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