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Japan: Tokyo And Its Lifestyle

Published: 15.8.2012
Tokio. City where are living side by side school children in the old-fashioned uniforms, fashion ladies, who spend the morning by shopping in stores, in the parks and all sorts of corners of the city slacking youth skaters with coloured hair, girls with false eyelashes and twenty centimetres high heels, the dogs wears in mini kimons and of course ubiquitous businessmen.

In one wagon of the subway then sit quietly side by side in the traditional Japanese kimono-clad woman and girl who most of all trying to look like her favourite character from the anime, a Japanese cartoon series.

Tourist in Tokyo can be fascinated by many things. Some of them admire the beauty of temples and shrines, others like modern high buildings. Many a gourmet will be happy about Japanese cuisine, that is not consists just from of raw fish and rice. Many others seek a peace that prevails in the parks around the temples and Japanese gardens, others on the contrary have fun in all kinds of night clubs. For me were the best the Japanese themselves. It is not easy to say exactly why. Maybe I was melted when they tried to advice on how to get out of the maze of alleys until lost themself. Maybe it was for their civility to tourists, a kind of inner discipline and the need for the younger ones to practice their English on me. (Hero, kan aj herupu juu?)

ŠibujaŠibuja, young generationŠibuja, young generation

One of the most interesting places where you can observe the life in the city, and where Japanese meet each other same as we do in Prague's Wenceslas Square, "under the horse”, is the area surrounding the station Šibuja. Šibuja district is known for, among other things such as shopping mall, "109" or a wide range of nightclubs, which are crowded on weekends, tourists and young Japanese. The place, that I was in mind is just a short walk from Tokyo perhaps best known intersection, crossing at which a man and wondered how is it that everyone in her centre all of pedestrians don´t crash. Against the background of a emotive story of a dog named Hooks, who for many years after the death of his owner every day waiting for his owner come back from work (and for who the Japanese built a statue), here young Japanese give a date, this is where business people to then left to solve business issues in a close company, and give women the "randezvous" before it burst into shopping centres. If tourists do a free time and for a while sit on Šibuja stop, certainly take home take home dozens of photos not only the most famous intersection, but also of Japanese teenagers, who after coming home, throw school uniforms and dressed appropriately rude dressed coming here to wait for their friends.

Šibuja crossroad  statue of Hačiko dog  Šibuja crossroad

When you browse the Tokyo tourist can´t notice how it changes the composition of people who flow in crowds around him. This morning there are hundreds of children in uniforms who march to school. Among them, often on wheels, going to work, Japanese officials, businessmen and corporate staff, all dressed in black suits, reminiscent of a giant flock of penguins. When this chaos disappears in classrooms and offices, hits the streets, women in households. They go around the shops and choose what to wear and what to buy for dinner. Others ride carriage around town or the walk their small dogs.

A big dog in Tokyo almost nobody can afford, because Tokyo literally bursting at the seams, already now. Afternoon hours are for crowds of children and teenagers who came back home from school. Businessmen most of days of the week after work reinforces the various groups, often Japanese, restaurants and bars. Evenings, especially the weekend, then one of the young, who enjoy going to night clubs and return home at dawn. And if you ask, after all this time doing pensioners, for example, so you can see how they play cricket on fenced playgrounds.

Asakusa, seniors playing cricketAsakusa, seniors playing cricketEbisu garden, woman with her dog

The most interesting models in which the youth is able to wear, we can observe in the Harajuk district, specifically Takešita street, that serves as one of the centres of pop culture. If you can´t walk down the street because it is completely filled with tourists and vendors in a variety of Japanese dresses, you can buy pancake, shoes with 20 centimetres high heel and umbrellas in the shape of animals. In shops with a variety of goods you buy Japanese CDs of Japanese rock bands that play the so-called j-rock posters of actors and singers and DVDs and Japanese anime series played, so-called dorama. Crushed ice will prepare a boy with orange hair and a few meters away, you might buy a hat and cup sizes all the time you have to be careful to give you some of the girls won´t jab your eye with lace umbrella. 

And if you won´t be able to manage crowds, whose only advantage is that in Japan you really one of the pockets will not pull your wallet, you can only move a few meters away, to the park Jojogi, where a group of amateur dancers for dance sessions are held at weekends. Dressed as Elvis Presley, and dresses inspired by the movie Grease dancing to music from cassette players and entertain passers-by all kinds of dance creations. In addition, you may be able to hit the right days to exchange clothes, or observe groups of people, how many different ways in the park, spend their free time. Near Jojogi park is also located on the National Sports Stadium, which was designed by architect Kenzo Tange and that in 1964 served as the stadium for some disciplines of the Olympic Games.

Haradžuku, young generationJogi park, dancer of Rokabí kurabu groupJojogi park, dance group Rokabí kurabu

For tourist will be important to know that the Japanese never refuse help when he is lost, even they still wander for hours with him. In the shops it will behave, he always meets, to help them select suitable goods and the resulting purchase neatly packaged. Japanese, who speak English, do not hesitate to translate it in characters written text, in means no one can anticipate, act rude to him or even scold him. Women in Japan can almost certainly count on it at night on the way home park nobody attack them. In the busy vehicles rarely happens that someone would steal, and if you forget your camera on a park bench, it is quite probable that he will later find it on the same place.

Jojogi park

Text/photo: Anna Jarchovská


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