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Kenya: Mount Kenya National Park – VIDEO

Published: 23.4.2019
One of the most beautiful and perhaps the most surprising places you can visit in Kenya is the Mount Kenya National Park. You can come for a day and watch wild elephants, buffaloes or monkeys in the magnificent mountain forest, or try to conquer the Lenan peak rising to nearly 5000 meters, without need of any special climbing methods.

The National Park is located in central Kenya, where it protects 715 square kilometers of unique nature. Most of the park is at a height of 3000 meters and the highest peak of Batian reaches 5199 meters. The mountain forest is gradually being replaced by alpine vegetation and you will see several glaciers just below the peaks. A part of the national park is crossed by an equator.

the road starts in a beautiful mountain primaveal forest   primaveal forest in lower sections of the park

The biggest attraction for day trips is certainly the wild animals that you can observe in the park. Relatively many elephants stay here all year round, you can also see buffaloes, several species of antelopes, such as waterbuck or elk antelope, monkeys and countless bird species. In higher positions, you will almost certainly come across groups of hyraxes. In Mt. In addition, Kenya will find several species of animals and plants that do not live anywhere else in the world. For example, the giant lobelia here is iconic.

a group of damans in a local camp   ostrich lobelias

giant lobelias

We get to the very top of the trek in the next part. You can certainly enjoy the beautiful views and the unforgettable sunrise. If you're lucky, you'll see the highest mountain in Africa in the distance, Kilimanjaro. Everybody can handle the ascent, at least a bit trained, just get ready for some unforseen mountain disease.

there are plains from 3000 meters   a beautiful vista over a vally spanning up to the summit of Mt Kenya

Entrance to the park costs $ 52 per person per day. You don't have to have a tour guide, but they won't let you into the park alone. You must always register at the gate at least in pairs. In the park you will find several camps and mountain huts, accommodation is reserved at the gate. If you decide to stay more days, I only recommend paying one for entry. You will pay the rest without any problems when you leave, and if, like me, you make your way down a day faster, you'll save a decent amount. No one will return you already paid entry fee.

the peaks of Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana

Mount Kenya is easily accessible from Nairobi via a high-quality main road to either Embu and Meru, or from Nyeri and Nanyuki. You can also reach Meru and Nanyuki with a comfortable domestic flight, which I recommend for the sake of the prospects rather than the significant time savings.

sunrise as seen from Lenana

Whether you decide to climb the top or just go on a safari, you should definitely not miss visiting Mount Kenya National Park.

GPS: 0°08'58.1"S 37°19'00.6"E


Text, foto a video: Matouš Vinš

Hudba: Jon Luc Hefferman

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