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Kralicky Sneznik - On Our Way to See Its Beauty

Published: 18.11.2013
Let's go on a day hike for a small but no less important Czech-Moravian-Polish mountains ...

Why Here?

Kralicky Sneznik is the largest mountain (1423,7 meters above the sea levek) of the mountains of the same name. It is national park since 1990. It is located on a Czech-Polish border and also part of it is in the regions of Pardubice a Olomouc. It is a solitary moutnains, the third largest in Ceska Vysocina. Visitor is attracted to visit Kralicky Sneznik because he can see with their own eyes with a unique location in the whole of Europe. The mountain range is indeed the main European watershed from which water flows out into three different drainage areas - the Baltic, the North Sea and the Black Sea. In southern part of Kralicky Sneznik formation, the largest Moravian river, the Morava is located. The highest parts of the mountains are above the highest tree line of forest. It means that sub-Alpinian vegetation grows there and also that there are sublime views.

rozcestnik a riuny byvale rozhledny

Where to go up

On the top of Kralicky Sneznik is good to go early in the morning in the Old Town under Sněžníkem. The blue trail we reach the village of silver, winter sports and starting hiking and biking trails. The following output by fragments of the Cross to the revised forest chapel of Our Lady of us definitely hot. After a dip from a local source we can continue along the red trail to the Adélinému spring, where we will hike approximately 444 vertical meters and soon also join the trail leading to the top. A scenic saddle below the silversmiths (1250 m) cross the border triangle - the border regions of Olomouc, Pardubice and Lower Silesia Province

pramen Moravy s pohledem do udoli

With increasing latitude we have to be patient , because in addition to sweat in the face of increasing tourists also . But they at one time disappears somewhere near the popular elephant statues , about 20 meters to the right of hiking trails , which are at an altitude of 1375 m , just misses the basics former Lichtenstein’s cottage ( was here in the years 1912-1971 ) . At the moment we can enjoy the process without the crowds stone walkway until you reach a small stream marked sign saying "Spring of the Moravia " ( 1390 m above the sea level) , which enjoys widespread admiration of tourists . For us beautiful weather here waiting for nice views to the valley of the Morava that even partially remodeled karst Pleistocene glacier. After a short final climb we see the vast summit plateau ruins of the original towers, which stood here in 1899 - 1973. Nearby rises Trojmezní stone that commemorates borders of the kingdom , Moravian Margraviate and Kladske county . Wavy sea of inversion with a view of the near Orlicke Mountains a Rychlebske Mountains or Hruby Jesenik only enhances beauty of the Kralicky Sneznik…

pohled z rozhledny na Klepaci

Across Czech-Polish Ridge

After the top snack while we go on easier, but much longer part of the tour. We walk along the green trail around the Polish cottage Schornisko on Sneznik on the border ridge over Maly Sneznik (1338 m asl), Gaworek/Hranicni Skaly (1319 m asl), Puchacz / Hleďsebe (1190 m) to the observatory on Trojmorskiem Wierchu / Klepac (1144 m asl). A footpath runs along the ridge is much less frequent than the ascent route in Mt, so here we can finally enjoy the silence of the mountains. In the autumn afternoon sun quickly descends toward the horizon, creating unique conditions for photographing the whole massif. When our camera is not yet completely exhausted (no more than we do), let him catch a long shadow almost 30 meters high wooden tower on a ridge Klepac pathway, which we just passed.

rozhledna na Klepáči

Final Downhill

Now I just have to stumble less than 10 km along the red trail through Roudny peak (667 m) to train Prostredni Lipka and let the wind coming at sunset dispel the memories of today's special day. And that for the approximately 30 km hike was - a quiet walk it is possible intermittently pleasant walk in 7 hours! 

Text/photo: Blanka Pechačová

Another photos from Kralicky Sneznik - HERE.


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