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Laos, Luang Namtha – Hidden Treasure

Published: 28.12.2019
Luang Namtha, a city nestled in the northwest of Laos, is a hidden gem that slowly gets into the subconscious of travelers. It is surrounded by lush mountains dotted with ethnic villages. A hidden paradise for nature lovers, which is definitely worth a visit during your travels in Laos. People come here for an authentic Lao culture experience.

Great Base for Hiking and Cayak Riding

Luang Namtha is located just a few kilometers from the famous Nam Ha National Protected Area, which is becoming a sought-after paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and adventure. Luang Namtha is a place for hiking to explore untouched nature, visit minority villages, try kayaking in the Namha National Protected Area, or explore the area along the Luang Namtha Valley. Nam Ha National Park boasts green jungles, exotic wilderness and thrilling rapids of the Nam Ha and Nam Tha Rivers. Discover the beauty and authenticity of Laos with your own eyes!

místní vesnice

Disconnect from the World for Some Days and Enter the Jungle

Live and soak up the traditional Laotian lifestyle with overnight stays in minority villages. Many companies in the city offer a variety of hiking trips - from day trips to multi-day adventures that will take you deep into the forest. During your stay, you will learn the old art of jungle survival from local guides. During the jungle trekking, the guides will educate you on plant and animal life, see how to prepare jungle food using natural resources such as bamboo. You will experience a jungle-style lunch, visit minority villages and spend the night at the village's ecological cottage or ethnic family. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and experience the local lifestyle, stroll through the village and appreciate the simplicity of life, where even with what little people have here, they are still happy and smiling. You will walk through hills, trees, villages, valleys, rivers - so much green everywhere.

tradiční obydlí   místní škola

prostý život na vesnicích

At the end of the trek, explore Luang Namtha's most impressive landmark, the golden stupa. Admission you pay goes to its maintenance. The view of the city is spectacular, especially in the rainy season when the hills are green. Be sure to visit the local market. It is the heart of the community and visiting these places will allow you to taste several types of rice and indulge in a dried squirrel! You can set out on this adventure all year round, but the best time to visit is between November and February, when the weather is almost dry and temperatures are not too high.

trek džunglí   oběd na ohni


GPS: 20°58'12.6"N 101°24'29.6"E

Text and photos: Andrea Meluzínová

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