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London - Town On River Thames

Published: 12.4.2010
London is a capital of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, situated in south-east part of the country, at the mouth of Thames-river. London belongs to one of most impressive and most important towns at the same time. It is world financial centre and a seat of the government, well - known, thanks to its greatmess and vitality, but also to its historical importance.

Panorama of London

What about London where King´s Family or all traditions are missing? In any other town of the world, the past is not presented in such picturesque way, as in this town, the centre of which is formed with Buckingham Palace. Soldiers´ caps, who keep watch over this building, are flashing in black colour, the Queen is smiling condescendingly, and Buckingham Palaceall such picture is created with Gothic facades in backround. London´s face was formed by 1000 years of existence of British Monarchy. On the other hand, the town became a cradle of mini-skirts, monument of Beatles, birthplace of punk and a centre of extravagant fashion. London is incredible changeable. Despite this fact, the town is clinging to its traditions. The Queen has to ask for a permission, if she has the intention to visit protected quarter of London City. The pride of Londoners´ has its start in the history, as the old Romans created from this place their capital of British Island Empire. When Roman Empire collapsed, the troops of Anglo-Saxons penetrated the country and settled along the banks of river Thames. Within 6th century A.D., Cathedral. PaulEngland became Christian country, and London got its first church, St. Paul´s Cathedral. Nevertheless, William the Conqueror preferred during his coronation act (in 1066) younger Westminster Abbey, and so, he established magnificent tradition, as all the next English Kings were coronated just in Westminster Abbey since that time period. At present, this building is registered in World Heritage Survey UNESCO.

Within 16th century, during the rule of Henry VIII. and his daughter, Elizabeth I., the town had its best period, as the division from Rome was effected and Church of England was founded. At the end of 18th century, London became the greatest town of the world. The town, as a centre of British Commonwealth of Independent States, became a world metropolis. However, the end of colonial empire and a doom of its port in the middle of 20th century brought economical loss at the same time. Nevertheless, later, within 1970-1980, the town won back its leading role as „a town of money“. In London City, 550 000 persons approx are employed. However, typical hat, a banker´s symbol, is disappearing slowly from perfectly arranged heads, and new, fashion of leasure time, is coming, substituting the old one.

Tower BridgeTower of LondonTrafalgar Square

 Eccentric London, it is something exciting and extraordinary for young persons from all over the world. The youth has his centre around Covent Garden, and also in East End, Portobello Road Market on in Clerkenwell. Even the Americans take London for most pleasant town, owing to modern art, long queues in front of such crazy discos and comedy theatres is continuosly Big Benlooking after new insurrection. The town offers culture mixture connecting Hindu colours´ beauty with Caribbean rhytmus or African blues with Asiatic Church dances. In generally, everybody could find his place there, especially, whoever suffers from spleen. As far as relax is concerned, you have many parks and lakes available, including armchairs, and this is town´s oasis, indeed.

Nevertheless, even political London is present, dominating with most parts of city centre. In Whitehall, Government Quarter, there are situated most important offices and Ministeriums. You can find there Banquet Palace and Houses of Parliament (as a symbol of democracy). Parliament Building is, since 1547 a seat of British House of Parliament, and you can find there typical Big Ben Clock Tower at its northern corner. In Downing Street No.10, there is a seat of British Prime Minister, however, this house as London Eyewell as the street are not accessible for public. On the other hand, King´s London is more open for tourists. The public can enter a part of Buckingham Palace. The visitors have the opportunity to see another UNESCO Monument, i.e. King´s Citadel Tower, where coronation insignia are to be found, watchfully guarded by persons, dressed in Middle Age costumes. Even Westminster Abbey displays, during diving services, all its Gothic pomp.

To tell the truth, all London visitors come finally to vivacious traffic, dominating on Piccadilly Circus, to Nelson Column on Trafalgar Square. Nearly everybody would prefer a drive with famous double-decker bus, in order to do shoppings in Harrods´, luxurious department store. National Gallery or collection of modern art, placed in Tate Gallery, invite you for visit. Anyway, who prefers British customs, he could enter tea-room in some of London hotels. Just the tea is the right medicine for healing of all griefs, and so, a homage is paid to this extraordinary town. On the other hand, the person who prefers to drink beer, he can, of course, have a stop in some of local pubs.

Westminster Palace 


Text: Denisa Arvajová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Albeins, Diliff, č.2, jedyooo, Josep Renalias, Mistermoe, Wjfox2005, edg2s, Karrackoo, Creando   

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