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Mauritius: A Whole-Day Trek to the Waterfalls

Published: 11.5.2020
In the central part of the island of Mauritius there is a system of 7 cascades. You can even see eleven during the rainy season. For all those who decide to visit them, an amazing spectacle awaits along the challenging route.

pohled na krajinu

And so we hire a local guide to take us to them. We accidentally discovered him on Trip Advisor, where he had very positive reviews. It is definitely not recommended to take this route without an experienced guide. The route is not marked and several tourists are lost here every year. The price for a guide is about 500 to 1000 MUR per person (300-600 CZK). In addition to the experienced guide, the amount also includes an all-day meal, which the guide carries on his back all day. The journey to the waterfalls begins along a picturesque trail, where the guide shows us the local fauna and flora. Our small group numbers a total of 6 people plus a guide to Prakash Isram. At first, the journey is not difficult at all, but soon we come to the first slope and head straight down. We store all water bottles or cameras in backpacks, as it is only possible to hold on to tree branches. The weather is bad and it rains all day. But that does not spoil our impression from the first waterfall, which flows down the rock from a height of about 80 meters. The waterfalls form three different streams of the rivers Saint Denis, Cascade Chamarel and La Crete.

první z vodopádů

We continue downwards, the terrain is really not easy and due to the rain the road is muddy and slippery. We have amazing views of the surrounding landscape, as well as other waterfalls and cascades or rocks, which are 8 to 10 million years old. In some places we have to wade through the rivers, jump over streams of water and descend from the rocks along the waterfalls. However, our guide is really professional and knows the terrain perfectly. Another advantage is that apart from intrusive mosquitoes, there are no venomous snakes, spiders and other animals. After a little rest and lunch prepared by the guide's wife, we continue on our way. If you are interested, you can freshen up in one of the lakes by the waterfall. The last part of the way we descend directly one of the waterfalls, Prakash shows us exactly where to put our hands and feet and we feel like experienced climbers. We have 11 km behind us and it was an amazing day connected with nature.

nádherné vodopády   nádherné vodopády

After this unforgettable experience, the guide takes us home, where we can relax, wash and refresh. It's another interesting experience because we can see how his family lives. In the end, the guide praises us and states that we have completed one of the most challenging treks on the island. And we're happy we made it!

nádherné kaskády

GPS: 20°26'33.5"S 57°23'09.5"E

Text and photos: Veronika Kocmanová

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