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Mauritius, La Vanille and Rochester Falls – Crocodille Farm and Waterfalls

Published: 18.5.2020
In the south of Mauritius, a crocodile farm and the beautiful Rochester Waterfall are nearby. Our first destination is a crocodile farm, officially La Vanille Nature & Tortoise Park. It is located in the area of a former vanilla farm near the town of Rivières des Anguilles.

La Vanille Park

The crocodile farm is unique for several reasons. The first is that you can taste crocodile meat here, in several different designs. Whether it's steak, hamburger, or countless other types of meat preparation. In addition to the local restaurant, you can also visit the park's souvenir shop and crocodile skin shop. The second reason is that you can observe more than a thousand Nile crocodiles in one place. They are divided into cubicles according to age. The park was founded in 1985 by an Australian zoologist and his Mauritian wife. The first crocodiles were brought from the island of Madagascar. In addition to crocodiles, many other animal species live here - bats, monkeys, rabbits, deer, 20,000 species of insects and 500 huge turtles on 2 hectares.

krokodýlí farma   krokodýl nilský

Our path heads further west to Rochester Falls. The whole island is literally interwoven with waterfalls of various lengths and shapes. After a 20-minute drive, we reach a dusty and bumpy road that leads through a plantation of bananas and sugar cane almost to the waterfall itself. It is only about 10 minutes walk down from the car. A small forest opens in front of us, in which there is no one, so we can enjoy the waterfall in all its beauty without other tourists. The water rolls from a height of about 10 meters and local daredevils from the waterfall jump directly into the river Savanne, as we saw in one of the promotional videos. This waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Mauritius, both for its accessibility and especially for its rectangular side rocks, which form its unique appearance. It is also the widest waterfall on the island. If you are moving in the southern part of the island, I can definitely recommend visiting these magical places.

Rochester Falls

GPS: 20°30'08.6"S 57°31'01.9"E

Text and photos: Veronika Kocmanová

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