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Memorable trees

Published: 7.1.2008
As memorable trees are declared the trees by localy belonging authorities, in accordance with the Act. No.114/1992 regarding Countryside and Nature Protection. It is in charge of local Section of Life Environment (due Local Municipal Office or Town Office of statutory towns).

This office secures and  inspects the treatment of respective trees, declaration of so called protected area around the trees and decides about the canecellation of the protection.

What is the reason for declaration of tree-monument?

a)      tree of extraordinary growth,

b)      tree of extraordinary age,

c)      tree of  particularly appearance,

d)      tree which forms a country-domninante or  brings relief of countryside,

e)      tree connected with  historical event or legend,

f)       tree which neighbours with some cultural monument (with chapel, church or fountain)

The project for a declaration of monumental tree can be  presented by any citizen or civic association. This suggestion would contain the exact tree-drawing  in a map and the reason of this declaration as a monumental tree. The authority of nature-protection ascertains, within the scope of administrative operation, the owner of a tree and lot No., relating the protected zone around the tree. Memorable trees are marked with a plate with small sign of Czech Republic.

One of first notices protecting concrete trees, was a patent of 1714, relating to lime-tree-walk between Prague Castle and King´s Preserve in Bubeneč. The first survey of memorable trees was issued by Jan Evangelist Chadt-Ševětínský in 1899.

At present, Czech Republic has 23000 memorable trees approximately, Its register is kept in

„Agency of Nature and Countryside Protection“ of Czech Republic. The tree which is declared quite often –are lime-trees and oaks. Fruit-trees are declared as monumental less often, anyway, in a register you can find several pear-trees, apple-trees and even one walnut.

Quite seldom  there are the trees which grow rarely in Czech Republic. It is Ginko biloba or cedar of Leban.

There are declared 170 trees as monumental and  30 trees are eliminated of the register each year.



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