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Monaco: The European Casino III.

Published: 6.8.2011
Monaco Sightseeings

Monaco is placed along rocky cliff of Littoral Alps Mountain Range, surrounded with skyscrapers, directly at the seaside and villas, in the middle of green. So, the gardens and parks form more than 20% of this area. On the other hand, hotel complexes, places of entertainment and beaches are located there. Monte Carlo is known under name of „European Las Vegas“,  and really, it is the biggest European casino complex.

According to the legend, this countryside was named after the church, constructed by Antique Greeks, known as „Heraiklos Monoikos“. Monaco Ville, old-time metropolis of this Principality, was built on top of the rock in the height of 60 metres above sea-level, where the Cathedral of Neo-Romanesque style (1875), Principle Palace - as the official residence of  ruling Grimaldi Family, Napoleon Bonaparte Museum or Historical Archives of Principal Palace are to be found. Just here, everyday troops´ inspection of King´s Respectable Guard is taken place, similarly as Fort Antuan is being effected there (18th century, at present, it is being used as as theatre in open air). Further, you can admire there St. Martin picturesque gardens, Chapel de la Misericorde (1635), Old Monaco Museum (with unique historical collection) or Oceangraphical Museum (1910- with subterranean aquarium. Its volume makes more than 400 cubic metres). It is worth to visit famous Wax Figures´ Museum, dedicated to history of Grimaldi Dynasty (since 13th century till now).

Monte Carlo is a centre of night life as well as hazard games. As a central point, it is, no doubt, A Casino (Casino de Monte Carlo), the first European gambling-house, and one of the oldest gambling centres of the world, which gave the public an expression „casino“. This undertaking gave assistance, during economical crisis at the end of 19th century, in rescue of Monaco in front of bankrupcy. Anyway, casino complex was, since its foundation, reconstructed several times. So, inside, you can find inside many luxurious gambling saloons, such as: Renaissance Saloon, European Saloon, White Saloon, Saloon of American Games, Beautiful Saloon, etc. Apart of these, you can find there the halls (saloons) for VIP privileged persons only- such as: two Ace Halls and gigantic Medein Room.

A Casino has also its own cabaret (it belongs to the first ones of the world) as well as famous Opera or Garnier Hall, taken for one of most beautiful halls from the whole casino. From sea-side, casino facade is bordered with terraces, where several busts of music composers, such as: J. Massenet, H. Berlioz or S. Dagilev, are exhibited. This building complex itself is surrounded with wonderful park and terraces. Nevertheless, even three other objects draw your attention (they are always surrounded with park terraces). These are: National Marionette Museum, St. Charles Church (1883) and Japanese Garden - total surface of 7 thousands of square metres approx.

La Condamine Area is a business centre of Monaco. It is concentration of offices and banks, supermarkets as well as market places. To main places of interest belong, for instance: St. Devote Church - patron of Monaco State (11th-19th centuries), gigantic Market Place of 1880 or Rue Princess Caroline foot-passenger zone. Here, you can find a lot of boutique shops, caffees and restaurants, Garden Exotic Park, including picturesque cave, and collection of more than seven thousands sorts of cactusses, and also Primeval Age Antrophology Museum (1902) in Moneghetti quarter.

Fontvieille is practically found on a place, where the sea was spreaded in past. As a main speciality of such area, it is gigantic business centre, where Prince Rainier III. Old Vehicles Museum is located. (this belongs to one of richest collections of the world, consisted of more than 100 vehicles). To another interested sightseeings belong Postage Stamps and Coins Museum or a park with marvellouis collection of plants from all over  the world, Sea Museum with immense collection of copies of famous sea vessels, Zoo-Garden /1954) as well as the biggest sporting stadium of the Principality - Louis II. Stadium - gigantic sporting centre with 20 000 seats and subterranean basin.

Nevertheless, most of tourists do not arrive to Monaco to admire historical sightseeings but they wish to enjoy busy night life. This fact is presented with many restaurants and night show, discos and night clubs. Each of them has its unforgettable character. Louis XV. Restaurant nelongs to most popular restaurants along Azure Coast. Another clubs, are such as: La Cabaret du Casino, La Belle Epoque (this is one of oldest Monaco restaurants), La Cupole, La Salle des Etoiles, Tiffany, Salle Empire, Du Por, La Maison du Caviar, Offshore etc, are also very famous and popular.

Except famous Casino, you can find also Sun Casino in Monte Carlo Grand Hotel building, Casino of famous Le Monte Carlo Sporting Club, Monte Carlo Bay Casino, Summer Casino, Cafe de Paris Casino (1856), which is very popular among famous persons from all over the world.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation. ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Wikipedia - Mgimelfarb, Dungodung, Florian K., Wigulf, Berthold Werner

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