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Nauru Islands V.

Published: 12.5.2010
Nauru is small Pacific Island state, most suitable place for ideal holiday rest.


In east part of the island, you can find Anibare district, surrounded with a bay of the same name. In Anibare, there is the best beach with excellent conditions for having a rest at the seaside. However, local bathing is not too quiet, because very strong and unforeseen ocean streams could occur there.On the other hand, a stay on coast is the same as in other Oceania resorts. You can find there a jotel and rif, situated nearby. Especially two canals are suitable for diving and snorkling, you can also watch several  submerged ships from 2nd World War period.


This resort is situated on south-east part of the island. Menen district has on its area a part of hotel complex, central phone exchange and cult place of island inhabitants: Lonkbelt Oval stadium and burnt „State Residence“, (place of President stay), destroyed during revolts in 2001. In past, it was most beautiful building of the island.


Buada district is placed in south-west part of the island, around lagoon of the same name. This is a rest of central lagoon, usual for coral islands in the region. The lagoon, sometimes extensive, is surrounded with a ring of coral rifs. The surface arose, within millions of years, as a consequence of tectonical activity, to the height of 24 metres above sea level. Its water changed from salted into sweet one, and the rifs changed to phosphate rocks of Topside plain-land. From this reason, the soil around lagoon is very fertile and it is the only agricultural area in Nauru. Just this green ring of palm groves is one of several places of the island where you can be hidden from glowing sunshines in shade of trees. However, lagoon water is rather dirty (polluted) and it is absolutely unsuitable for bathing.


Nauru central plateau - Topside - was tropical paradise in past, covered with dense forest and with many bushes. However, in the course of phosphate mining in past, the plateau was practically removed from earth surface and outside cliff ring remained. Its surface changed into heated wilderness, consisted of  dried white rocks, bizarre towers from petrified corals and deep holes and quarries. This is brilliant example of a fact, how mining industry destroyed as Nauru ecology system, as its culture and brought in the life of this, idylic island in past, a vision of easy wealth and reality of its catastrophic results. In order to reach the plateau, you have to call taxi, as this place is usually covered with clouds of dust, coming from numerous mines.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: http://archive.travel.ru/nauru/









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