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New Caledonia, Ile des Pins – The Closest to Paradise You Can Get

Published: 21.1.2019
In this part we leave the main island of the New Caledonia archipelago and from the Magenta airport, located in the center of Nouméa, we take a three-day trip to the island of Ile des Pins. And that will be worth it, says the title of this article. Local residents, who are called Kunié, proudly claim their home to be the island closest to paradise. And right after arriving, I know that they have very strong evidence for this claim.

Ile des Pins or Pine Island is the most beautiful island of New Caledonia. There are about 2,000 inhabitants living there, who strictly protect their territory - local land is neither for sale nor for rent. Kunié still lives in the tribal system. The trunks are eight in number and each has their "little boss". Above them is the "chief boss" who is in charge of the whole island.

v zálivo Oro je při odlivu hladina vody velmi nízká

Although the island is part of Caledonia, native speakers speak local language. But everyone speaks French too, and because the island is visited by tourists in many places, in most places you can also speak English. You will find one five-star hotel, Méridien, the four-star Oure Terra, but also several camps or hostels for less demanding visitors.

On the island, there are some beautiful beaches cut off from the catalogs of travel agencies. Oro, Upi, Kuto and Kanumera - all of which are extraordinary but all equally beautiful. You do not have to worry that you will have to choose only one to spend your holiday. The island is so small that it is easy to visit all in one day. But it would be a shame to spend so little time on them.

pláž Kuto rozhodně nesmíte vynechat

Upi is probably a plae least visited by tourists - there is no hotel with it and sailing from there sailboat for excursions to the Gulf of St. Joseph. If you want to swim with turtles, head right here. At Upi Beach you have the best chance of meeting turtles in the sea.

dřevěné sochy jsou ukázkou umění místních domorodců  hotel Méridien je přístupný pouze přes tento most  klidné prostředí resortu Oure Terra

Kanumera is the main beach of Oure Terra resort, which I choose for my stay. It is a very quiet beach and just a few meters from the shore is a marine nature reserve - around rocks that rotate from the sea are protected corals. You can also take a kayak at the resort to rent.

resort Oure Terra nabízí relaxování u bazénu s exotickým drinkem   pláž Kanumera na jihu ostrova

Kuto is separated from the Kanumera by a small outpost of the mainland. Both beaches are within walking distance. Kuto is supposedly the finest sand of all the beaches on the island and reminds me of the smooth flour. In the local restaurant, I enjoy lunch and enjoy the fantastic view of the white sand that contrasts with the azure sea.

restaurace na pláži Kuto nabízí občerstvení s nezapomenutelným výhledem na azurové moře

Oro is the beach of Méridien Hotel. This place is great for families with children, as the sea level reaches a maximum of knees when tidal, even a few dozen meters from the shore. The sea is very quiet here, which is used by lovers of paddleboarding.

pláž Oro u hotelu Meridien

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable holiday and sunbathe on typical tropical beaches, the Ile des Pins is perfect for you.


GPS: 22°39'35.7"S 167°26'45.6"E


Text and photos: Michal Hejl

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