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New Caledonia, Ile des Pins – You Must Try This

Published: 28.1.2019
In the previous article, we went through the beaches of this magical island and said something about its inhabitants. But, as Ile des Pins offers so much more, it would be a pity to know only the beaches. I'll tell you a few places where you must definitely go.

Natural Aquarium (Piscine Naturelle)

The natural aquarium, which is separated only by large stones from the sea, is located in the north of the island, near Oro Beach. Admission will cost you about 200 Pacific francs, which is about 40 crowns. But make sure that this natural jewel is about ten minutes' walk away from the entrance gate. Not only on land, but also in water.

On the territory of about one hectare there is a snorkeling area suitable for all ages. The sea here looks like a small pond, children and non-swimmers will appreciate corals and fish even at a really small depth, others can swim further. Everything here is on the palm of your hand.

podmořský svět

A Cruise in the St Joseph´s Bay and Upi

This is a trip that is definitely worth it. It will be clear to you why the Pacific is considered the number one destination. Sailing boats are smaller wooden boats that the locals build themselves and the tourists are a good source of livelihood for them. And if they do not go with tourists, they use their boats for fishing. Today they are an interesting combination of traditional designs and materials and modern fishing nets and outboard engines. In the Gulf of St. Joseph, there are also shipyards for these carved wood boats.

Our "captain" is Henry, the native Kunié, about fifty. He does not speak English, but he speaks French not only about what we see around us, but also about the various experiences he has during a biking trip.

plachetnice na Ile des Pins

As we land on the Upi Bay, large rocks appear to appear from the water, seeming like buoys floating on the water. This place is a demonstrative example of what you imagine as a tropical paradise. The sea is changing from turquoise to dark blue color. Both palm trees and pine trees can be seen on the shore. The beaches boast white sand and the sea is full of colorful fish and corals. Henry tells us that there are several sharks living in the local waters but that we do not see their dorsal fins because the tide is high and the water level is high. Still, I see a big dark spot in the water, and Henry says in a calm voice that it is a leopard shark and laughs at my horror. He himself sees the turtles, but I do not have an experienced eye and turtle turtles blend with corals.

kapitán naší plachetnice

cestou do přírodního koupaliště hladina moře je někdy tak nízká, že zřetelně vidíme korály skály v zálivu Oro vstup do šnorchlovacího ráje


This place is created for divers. On the island is the Kunié Scuba Center, which is a diving center that provides diving trips. As I mentioned - there are sharks in the local waters, so it is better to be in the hands of experts.

Ile des Pins is an island that will leave you with unforgettable experiences. With its facilities for tourists and yet strictly protected by the original culture, it is an ideal place for an original holiday.


GPS: 22°35'01.0"S 167°31'39.7"E

Text and photos: Michal Hejl

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