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Norway: The Land of Fjords I – VIDEO

Published: 11.10.2016
Sweden and Norway are Nordic countries situated on the Scandinavian peninsula which gives the country its cahracteristic features. The main natural attraction in the country are fjords cutting deep into the mainland. There are many such fjords in Norway. Areas without water are regions where many lakes are located. Or you can stumble upon some beautiful hilly area, plateau, deep forests or mountain ridge with a glacier. Nature is not the only thing worth of visiting. The two largest cities too – Oslo and bergen. The north of the country tourists usually avoid. If you seek to be on some remote place alone this would be the best choice.

We start our jorney across at Bergen airport, Norway. There we rent a car at a car rental. We paid for it in advance. Take in mind that the main driver has to have a credit (not debit). They will charge you a refundable deposit. There are many hybrit cars (gas + electric engine) in Norway. They really take care of their environment and nature.

Norwegian landscape   the land of fjords and islands

We chose Hardangerfjord as the starting point. It cuts into the land mass south of Bergen. The main branch of the fjord branches off in the east to couple of small branches (Sorfjord is largest of them). The fjord is 120 kilometers long and it attrackts in many tourists. Rough rocky coastline is its border with the sea. There are also several settlements scattered around.

Tyssedal village was the first destination we isited. It is situated on the eastern shore of Sorfjord. We went there from the south along the road No 48. It took us up to Gjermundshamn. It is a port of a village. Regular ferries depart from there to Ænes across Hardangerfjord (sometimes it stops on Varaldsøy island). You pay 162 Norwegian crowns (shy 500 Czech Koruna) for a 45 minutes on the ferry (on a normal day the last ferry departs at 00:10 p.m.). Other section fillows the road no 551. It seems to be one-way only for it is very narrow. There is a massive waterfall before Ænes village. A narrow bridge goes below the waterfall. We passed Bondhus village near NP Folgefonna and its main landmark is a glacier of the same name. Bondhus is a starting point for a walk through the most beautiful valley in the park – Bondhusvatnet valley. The road goes down to Lake Bondhusvatnet. From there, you can spot the glacier.

cesta z Tyssedalu k jezeru Vetlavatnet

However, we didn't proceeded with the trip due to bad weather conditons. The only road across Folgefonna national park is Folgefonntunnelen tunel which is 11 kilometers long (it is still the road No 551). The sign board says that to drive through you need to pay 72 Norwegian crowns = 220 Czech Koruna. I suppose, our fee for the tunnel was subtracted from the refundable deposit we paid at the car rental. There was a chip on the front windshield of our car. You will be strucked by the vista once you get out of the tunnel. You will be near the industrial district of Odda town. And what will lay before you will be many smoking chimneys. This is, however, Sorfjord which still keeps many trumph cards up its sleeve. First of all, it will charm you with the town of Odda. The town is situated between the southern end of Sorfjord (in the valley of high forest mountains) and Lake Sandvinvatnet. We were in Odda on Sunday. People don't get out of in the streets because everything is closed. The tourist center is at the harbor. You can get there many information on the national park of Folgefonna and the Troll Tongue scenic platform. These natural phenomenna are the reason why people visit the town of Odda. You can buy some clothes in Røldalsvegen street or grab some coffee.

dřevěné domky v Oddě   hlavní ulice Oddy

Teď už je naším cílem právě přírodní vyhlídka Trolltunga (Troll tongue) is now the point of interest we are heading to. We set off from Odda to the southeast to Tyssedal village (6 km away) along the fjord. There is very importatnt hydroelectrical power station. There is also a beautiful church in the village. However, tourists usually only drive through to get to Trolltunga scenic platform. You need to turn right right behind the tunnel. There is a sign board from which the village starts. You need to turn right there up into the mountains through beautiful valley. In spring, there are many waterfals in this valley (we drove through it twice for we were so amazed by it).

jedinečná vyhlídka Trolltunga

The road gets us to small lake of Vetlavatnet. There is a car park from where it takes you about -5 hours to get to a scenic platform. You are forbidden to make a climb from  March till July. And you can walk there only with a guide from September till March. Only in summer you can walk alone. Therefore, make sure to plan your trip accoridingly.

jezera Vetlavatnet a Ringedalsvatnet

GPS: (Odda) 60°04'07.4"N 6°32'46.6"E

Text, photos and video: Martina Brožková

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