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Oman, Muscat: A Tour in the Wonderful Capital

Published: 21.5.2021
Oman is one of the most fascinating countries of the Arabian Peninsula, which I had the opportunity to visit. Already at the airport in Muscat, we are surprised by the cleanliness, pomp and kind nature of the local people. The capital has a population of about 4.5 million, with more than a third of Oman's population living here. Muscat is the seat of the sultan, government and parliament. Muscat is the political, economic and cultural center of Oman.

Renting a car is the best option as you can move around and get to know the country. Roads and highways are at a high level. Today's number one target is the famous Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Inside you will find one of the largest chandeliers in the world, weighing about 25 tons, and the longest woven rug in the world. Admission is not paid, but it is necessary to have covered arms, legs and hair for women.

mešita sultána Kábúse

After the tour we head to the Royal Opera House Muscat. This unique building is an absolute rarity. The nearest opera house is only two thousand km away in Cairo. We use the opportunity to see the opera from the inside. The galleries surround the entire lobby and it is possible to visit various lounges furnished with beautiful furniture. There are also showcases in which historical musical instruments are stored, and interesting paintings hang on the walls. When we enter around the colorfully dressed ushers, we are amazed by its monumentality, decoration, but at the same time cosiness induced by wooden decoration. The comfortable seats are equipped with the latest Marconi multimedia system with large displays with information and translation of the sung text in Arabic and English.

Royal Opera House Muscat

interiér opery   interiér opery

Another interesting place to recommend in Muscat is the local market. They call him Mutrah Souq. It is full of gold, electrical appliances, clothes, spices and souvenirs. If you do not know what and where to buy for your loved ones, here you are at the right address. Get ready to bargain. Probably the best souvenir you can buy here is real Omani incense. You can find it in almost every stall and it smells beautiful all over the market. We also stop at the Al Alam Palace, where the local sultan resides. The building reminds me of a spaceship. Near the port you can relax in Al-Riyam Park. It is filled with local people who enjoy their day off. There are attractions for children, local products are sold here, crafts are presented, families have picnics in the grass. On the hill there is a lookout in the shape of an incense burner.

Mutrah Souq

We haven't met any other tourists in this city all day, which is absolutely unbelievable. Whether you set aside a day or two for a tour of Muscat, be sure not to miss the above attractions. Worth seeing!

park s vyhlídkou ve tvaru kadidelnice

GPS: opera 23°36'52.0"N 58°28'07.2"E

Text and photos: Veronika Kocmanová

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