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Peru: My Fulfilled Dream I.

Published: 10.11.2010
South America was always for me a great attraction, a magnet. Me, as a girl-undergraduate, who does not have big incomes, it seemed to be something as an inaccessible dream for the time being. Nevertheless, my college Vojta, said to me recently: "Would you like to visit South America, Peru, Chile or some other country?" and this offer let an idea in my head.

So, I started to think it over and calculate, how to collect sufficient financial means, in order to leave there. According to Vojta, it would be resolutely in cheap style level. I told to myself: such offers for dreams´ fulfillness could not be rejected at all, and shortly afterthat, quite clear matter evolved in my mind. Margaret, Vojta´s school girl-friend and Joseph, Margaret´s college from the office  became the other members of such expedition. Later joined us Zuzana (my college from the office) amd Milan, my friend from aikido course. Margaret and Joseph planned the trip for two months with an idea to visit also Peru and Bolivia. On the other hand, we could not allow so long holiday, so we had to be satisfied with one month stay in Peru only.

The First Acquiaintance with Peru

As we changed our decision in the course of months, the plans as well as the travellers were changed, so, we did not bought air-tickets together. Joseph and Margaret took some Brasilian air company. Nevertheless, Vojta and me used the service of Dutch KLM, for unite price return ticket CZK 16.500, from Munich via Amsterdam. And Zuzana flew with low cost air company from Madrid for CZK 20.000.

So, our trip started from Prague on Saturday 27th March 2010. Peter, our willing collegue, took us to Munich airport. We left Prague at half past ten p.m. and arrived to Munich at half past three early morning the next day. At seven o´clock, the plain for Amsterdam was despatchready. The flight was comfort, without problems. In Amsterdan, we waited for departure of ocean plain for two hours. And now, we expected very long-13 hours lasting- flight to Lima in Peru. Our seats wer situated in the central from three tiers of seats (it was not too favourable position, as we could not be sitting at the window, and could not follow the journey). We solved this problem in such way that we walked in the plain up and down, especially in a moment when we found above South American Continent, at the window, close to toilet, where we were able to enjoy a view, to make photos and work with camera. So, we saw Amazone-river, Ands-Mountains, including marvellous clouds and well developped stormy cumulolimbs.

We arrived to Lima at five o´clock a.m. local time. This time is pulled down of seven hours, making comparison to Central European Time in Prague. I was the only one, who was afraid of one matter. „Can we receive our pieces of luggage in time?“ And this unpleasant reality really happened. My luggage from Amsterdam was lost. Anyway, we did not take such fact in tragical way. The luggage was not definitively lost, but it was not managed to load it in time, during short time period for transfer. So, we have received the assurance of KLM company that my luggage will be delivered to Huaraz in the mountains, and no waiting time could be lost in Lima in the meantime, in order to expect it.

We met Zuzana just at the airport. She successfully survived hostel in Madrid as well as the flight (however, she got nearly anything to eat, whereas we were fully boarded during our flight). So, we changed for local currency the amount of USD 500 in exchange office. We obtained Nuevo Sols 2,77 for one dollar. Moreover, I bought in airport automat box Inca Cola (for the first and last time at the same time). It is typical Peru beverage, which tastes as chewing-gum. We were ready to leave. We took a taxi (Nuevo Sols 45) and let to be transfered to bus station (Movil Tours company), where we met Margaret and Joseph, who bought the bus tickets to Huaraz at the same time. One ticket costs Nuevo Sols 50.

This night transfer was made on semicarna seats, these are something as bed-position seats. We had some free time available, so, we decided to buy something to eat in hypermarket. Our pieces of luggage were left, after bus tickets presentation (free of charge) in bus station cloakroom. Our departure was stipulated for eleven o´clock p.m. During a drive, we obtained even a dinner in a bus.

Text/photo: Kristýna Bartůňková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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We decided that for Cusco sightseeing, including environs, will be reserved the whole day. In the evening, Markéta and Pepa left us, in order to visit Pisac, as they had time enough for such excursion. The rest of our group decided to transfer to Titicaca Lake.

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Our plans receive significant blow once we found out at the terminus in Cochabamba that bus driving companies are on strike. This is nothing unusual in Bolivia. We spending there our second week and we happen to see second one. However, inhabitants and employees have good attitude towards it and they are hardly annoyed. We have ben told several times that such a strike lasts about three days at least. The last bus departs at 18:00 from the terminus. And then the strike begins! Some bus lines moved some were entirely closed. The same goes for the line to Potosi, our next stop. Therefore, we have to change plans in the last minute and take the last bus to Uyuni.

Peru: Leymebamba and Cajamarca
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While in Peru, we couldn't decide to visit or not to visit Colca or Cotahuasi canyons. Some say that Cotahuasi is deeper. Some say it's Colca. Perhaps this is only a way to bring more tourists to both canyons. Both canyons are about 3500 meters. The rivers which carved both canyons out flow through the Ande summits rising as high as 6000 meters above the sea level and end up in the Pacific Ocean. Both canyons feature rare Andean condors.

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Peru: My Fulfilled Dream VIII.
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The Saltanay Trek could be planned, according to several instructions in guide-books, for five or seven days. Anyway, our group took it for suitable within shortest time period, as all our future ways were dependent on this fact.

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After arrival to Peru, we transferred from Lima to the moumtains. At seven o´clock in the morning, we came to the locality of Huaraz, situated in an altitude of 3091 metres above sea level.

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In the morning, I went to bus station to take my rucksack, as my luggage did not arrived to Lima in time. After several call phones, we settled with KLM airflight company, that the luggage will be brought there in the bus.

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The next day, we got up early morning and found that it did not rain, on the contrary, it was nice, sunny weather. Vojta and Milan took even a bath in ice torrent. The way went up very moderately, sometimes it dropped, so the walking seemed not to be too difficult.

Peru: My Fulfilled Dream VI.
Published: 15.12.2010
The next day begun, especially for Milan, in bad way. In the morning, he found that somebody stole him little trek sticks in the night. It was not a good ascertainment, indeed.

Peru: My Fulfilled Dream VII.
Published: 22.12.2010
There was Easter Monday, when we returned from Santa Cruz trek, nevertheless, all people in Huaraz worked. So, we bought tickets to Lima and tried to solve a transfer from Lima to Cuzco, and our trip continued.

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