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Poland, Lodz: Former Textile Empire II.

Published: 17.10.2014
We visit the third largest Polish city, Lodz, today for one more time.

When you walk along Piotrkowsky boulevard pay special attention to bronze statues standing along it. They are famous persons born in Lodz. The statues were started to be installed in 1999. This outdoor gallery is made so one can sit by them and have a picture with the statue.

For instance, by the Arthur Rubinstein memorial situated by the house no 78 you can sit next to the famous pianist. In his piano there used to be a hidden mechanism that after placing a coin would play Rubinstein’s famous compositions Lodž, Kaple KArola Scheibleraand also compositions of other musicians such as Chaikovski or Chopin. However, Sony BMG that owns the rights to some compositions, asked for royalties. Therefore, the piano has been silent since then.

When you seek to get out of the center and see modern attractions, visit Poland’s, largest waterpark Fala. It has eight indoor and outdoor pools, toboggans, and also a special pool for children.

Also the zoological garden is worthy your attention. It covers Rubinstein’s statue an area of 16 hectars. The sheer number of animals there is impressive. There are about 80 species of mammals, 137 of birds, 56 of reptiles, or 96 species of fish. Online cameras at zoo’s website could take you to the zoo in tigers’ and giraffes’ terrariums.

Also, a botanic garden is to be found in Lodz. Founded in 1929 today it covers an area of 69 hectares. The garden is divided to nine themes such as a Japanese garden, decorative plants, healing plants or Palmový skleníkindustrial plants, and alpinarium. The botanic garden started construction trail in 2001. There are six of them today.

As we got to the topic of flora already, another place you shouldn’t miss ispalm greenhouse. It is one of the most modern greenhouses of its kind in Europe. To public it was opened in 1956. The greenhouse is opened year round and the opening hours are shorter in winter. In summer and spring, the greenhouse is opened for a longer time. The garden Pohádková Lodžis divided into three parts. One of them focuses on the Medditerranean space, other on tropes, and the last one is devoted to cactuses.

Lodz also offers option to take a family trip. One of the places you can take your children to is Fairy-tale Lodz trail going through the center and broader center. There are many magical being along the trail even though they would be probably unknown to children outside Poland they would like them.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org

Arewitz, Kasarian, Jacob Zasina, PolimerekZorro2212

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