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Portugal, Way of St James – Portuguese Trail

Published: 27.3.2021
The Portuguese trip to Santiga de Compostela became important as early as the 12th century, which is a significant century in the history of Portugal because it meant the country's independence. It is not as frequented as the Spanish routes, the more "pilgrimage" you will have.

The Portuguese route has several variants. The most popular is the coastal path that runs along the Atlantic Ocean. Pilgrims most often depart either from Lisbon (more than 600 km) or from Porto, when the distance is significantly shorter, about 250 km. But you can also leave the cities on the route from Lisbon, such as Sintra and Bataiha. A diverse landscape, forests, mountains, plains and towns, villages, beaches, as well as local wine tasting await you. If you are soothed by the view of the waves, this route is ideal for you. And what about the views of the sunsets.Lisabon   Lisabon

Porto   Sintra

západy slunce

Other variants lead more or less inland. You can start, for example, in Faro. But also count on you driving more km.


Even in Portugal, the routes are very well marked. However, you do not have to rely only on yellow arrows and scallops, you can download a variety of applications. On the way you will also see bollards with shells and the number of km you still have left. However, we recommend that you create an itinerary in advance, but also think carefully about when you will go on your pilgrimage. It is possible at any time of the year, but don't forget that summer will be demanding due to the high temperatures and you will meet a lot of people.

značení   Svatojakubská pouť

Tyto cesty vytvářejí vazby mimo politiku a ekonomiku, mimo společnost a hmotnou kulturu, vytvářejí jakousi sounáležitost mezi poutníky. Tady je jedno, jakou máte národnost i jakou cestu jste si vybrali.

Svatojakubská pouť

We have already mentioned the pilgrim's ID and the necessary kilometers in previous articles, but repetition is the mother of wisdom. Credencial, as the card is called, can be purchased at information offices, but also on the way in cathedrals. You will collect stamps in churches, restaurants, hostels and cafes. The basis of a successful pilgrimage is at least 100 km, it is 200 km by bike or horse. Then you get a pilgrimage diploma. And what else do you need a pilgrim's card for? Well, because of the albergue, the pilgrimage hostels.

Svatojakubská pouť

It's up to you which path you choose. In addition to this, we also recommend the Silver and French Routes. All you have to do is take a vacation at work, pack everything you need and go. You will sort your thoughts, clear your head, you will see beautiful places, you will live in a moment. Also, consider fatigue and leg pain, but believe that once you get to your destination, fatigue and pain will be gone.

GPS: 41°08'34.5"N 8°36'40.8"W


Text: Daniel Fernández Cantalapiedra

Photos: Pixabay, Matouš Vinš

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