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Russia, St Petersburg – The Best in the City

Published: 23.7.2018
Our stroll in St Petersburg will focus on the important church of St. Isaac and Christ's Resurrection (Savior on the Blood) and we will also stop at the symbol of the October Revolution - the cruiser Aurora.

Church of St Isaac

Want to see the largest church not only in St. Petersburg but also in Russia itself? Then do not miss the church of St. Isaac located on Izakijevsky Square. It is even one of the most important religious monuments in the world. During communism, the temple was transformed into a museum of atheism.


St Isaac's church is one of the most important  buildings in the city   rich decorations of St Isaac's church

column damaged during the WWII   bells at the entrance to St Isaac's church

The construction of the temple crhuch began in 1818 and it was completed after forty years, in 1858. From the outside, you can see that there is a track on a column (out of a total of 112) for bombing the city. And what's waiting inside you? Experience, I promise you. The interior of the temple is decorated with 400 kg of gold, silver, precious stones, mosaics. In addition to the three altars, there is a collection of painting art.

This monumental structure (the highest orthodox in the city and the second highest in the world) is dominated by its gilded dome. You can also go to the gallery - a colonnade around the dome, and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The entrance to the temple is 250 rubles (about 90 CZK) and the colony of 150 rubles.

panorama of the city, ramparts of St Isaac's church

Church of the Savior on Blood

This Orthodox church is remarkably similar to Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. . Among other buildings in the city, which are built rather in baroque or neoclassical style, are exquisite. It drew inspiration from elements featured in traditional Russian folklore.

The temple was built at the place where Tzar Alexandr II was murdered. The construction in 1883 was initiated by his son, Alexander III, who wanted to dedicate himself to the temple of his father's memorial. During the October Revolution, the interiors were greatly damaged and the temple was plundered. During the siege of the city during the Second World War it served as a morgue. After the war, vegetables were stored for change. After thirty years of reconstruction, it was once again open to the public, but it does not serve the believers anymore. There is a mosaic museum.

Church of the Savior on Blood

The Temple is located next to the Neva River and is surrounded by a large Michail Park, where you can relax after a strenuous walk. But not too long, Aurora is waiting for us today.


The cruiser, who was famous for the October Revolution and where we find today a museum, was first deployed in the Russo-Japanese War. His most famous shots, however, did not sound during combat events. On November 7, 1917, he fired blind charges as a signal for the artillery regiment, which launched an attack on the Winter Palace. Historians take this event with a grain of salt. A lot of facts are concealed and no one knows how it really was.

Aurora cruiser – the symbol of St Petersburg

school for maritime officers is built next to Aurora   riverbank next to Aurora is filled with stands; surely you will choose some souvenir here

Admission to the museum is 600 rubles, and enthusiasm will be especially lovers of history and naval battles. The Nachmov School for Marine Officers and the Aurora embankment will find lots of booths and dealers all possible. You will not be bored here.


GPS: (St Isaac's Temple) 59°56'01.9"N 30°18'18.8"E


Text and photos: Michal Hejl

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