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Scotland: Loch Tay Dochart Waterfalls – VIDEO

Published: 27.8.2019
Our Slovenian adventure full of knowledge continues. After visiting the Kranjska Gora, which is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, we move on to another natural gem - the Vintgar Gorge (Blejski Vintgar, Vintgar Sotesque).

Directly above the Dochart Falls, there is a stone bridge that overlooks their rapids and cascades. What is missing the waterfall at altitude, he got compensated by the power of the current, which shatters the stones. Water drops thus form a haze in the air, in which, with luck, a small rainbow appears.

Falls of Dochart, Killin

In the café right next to the waterfalls, I worked out with a typical apple pie and black tea with milk, and headed west along the lake. At times, the landscape still reminds of the tranquil atmosphere of deciduous forests and green meadows around Loch Lomond, but at times there are signs of the harsh landscape of the Highlands.

I stopped by one of the many small parks on the shore of the lake and just enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere here for a while. The air still smelled wonderfully after the morning rain, a gentle breeze just rippling the surface of the lake, and the birds all around competing to sing a more beautiful song. After a while, a lady from a nearby village stopped by for a walk. Just say a few words and wish you a nice day.

Loch Tay   Loch Tay

In fact, it's not that interesting on Lake Tay. Perhaps because of the peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, but one of my favorite, last time I visited Scotland, I even returned to him twice. The lake is one of the deepest in Scotland, with a depth of about 150 meters. It stretches over 23 kilometers and ranks sixth among the largest lakes in the country..

Loch Tay

Among other things, you will find a reconstructed crannog, a man-built fortified island from the Iron Age. Archaeologists have already found more than 20 of them sunk in the lake.
But it was time to go out into the wild again. From the main road along the lake I turned onto the road to the mountains. On the north side rises the tenth highest mountain in Britain, Ben Lawers. It rises to a height of 1214 m, which is quite a difference from the lake in less than 200 meters.

around Ben Lawers   Ben Lawers

I did not want to pedal up, I planned to reach several other lakes. Even so, I climbed at least to the opposite lower peak, from where a beautiful view of a large part of the lake and the majestic Ben Lawers massif opened up.

If you go to Scotland, be sure to stop by Loch Tay and Falls of Dochart. The path to them is not complicated and you get another piece into the mosaic of the beautiful Scottish landscape.

GPS: 56°31'19.3"N 4°08'29.2"W


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Ketsa

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