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SK: A New Book by Gabriela Revicka – I Will Show You Slovakia II

Published: 9.5.2013
Infoglobe, a traveller’s website will introduce you today a bilingual book by Gabriela Levicka I Will Show You Slovakia. You have a chance to win this book at our photo contest at the Slovak section of our website.

I Will Show You Slovakia is a bilingual book with a subtitle saying that it is the most pleasant book on Slovensku (those who read the first part came up with this title. A small, compact book filled with photos was published in two versions. Paperback is best for people who intend to travel by plane or put the book in their backpacks. The hardcover version is best for those who want to gift the book to their friends. Gabriela Revická, the author, has been involved in the tourist industry since 1996. Her work was based on most common requests of her clients for who she organized trips. The main motto of the book is: “Where you take your client from abroad who comes to visit Slovakia? To Vienna and to Budapest. Say farewell to similar ideas. I invite you to Slovakia to trips in a small big country in the heart of Europe. "

Ukážu Ti Slovensko II. / I will show you Slovakia
Readers and visitors from abroad may find out that travelling in Slovakia could be satisfying even for demanding guests as the book offers description of Slovakia beauties, nature and history. An interesting book by Gabriela Revicka gives ideas on treks and relaxes vacations in Slovakia. It contains, for example, localities included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical sights, national parks and caves, curative spas and even thermal pools with precious mineral water (for instance at Podhajska water is of similar consistence as water in the Red Sea). The book also mentions Slovak rarities such as the highest wooden altar in the world (the work of Master Paul of Levoca), or once the only aragonite cave in Europe (Ochtinska aragonite cave).

Vlkolinec – památka zapsaná do seznamu UNESCOPribylina – Muzeum liptovské vesničky
Even Slovaks will get a new perception of their country. It shows many extraordinary places (that are more or less known) without awful number of dates. There are also great tips for treks that will suit many, fans of walking or biking. Readers will learn which museums and open-air museum, castles, or sacral places are worth visiting. They will also learn it is worth visiting a mine or a virgin forest. They may find out about several curiosities related to Slovakia such as relation of Christopher Columbus Spania Dolina. They will become convinced a visit of Slovakia may be interesting and gripping.

Okolí Banské Štiavnice – tajch PoslouchaloVysoké Tatry – astronomická observatoř na Lomnickém štítu
The patron of the book is Júlia Kravcová Lorencovič, the first Slovak navigation officer. She navigates 19-story ship that can board as many as 5000 passengers and 2000 crew. The book was her gift to the famous Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code , but she gifted the book also to her friends from different continents. The author includes among her readers famous figures such as Jack Canfield, Jack Canfield, Brandon Bays, Suzy Dior, Dr. Michel Odent, Duchess Katinka of Avalon, Rick Bailey from the bandDelegation, medicin men Robert The Standing Bear of the Cherokees, Jennifer Hough and others. Her book is present also in the Czech library in Ireland, in Vatican, Alaska, they sell it in a small cafeteria on Cyprus and to Latin America it took Sandra Epstein, the author of vibrating essences made of plants growing in the Atlantic virgin forest

Vysoké Tatry : hora Kriváň – symbol Slovenska
Juliet a ta druhá Gabriela Revicka wrote another very distinct book Juliet and the Other you may also win in our photocompetition. It is a very unusual book as its theme is eroticism in esotericism and it is interesting also for its literary form, it is fiction. The plot is about the journey of two women of very distinct environments. This journey resembles sometimes a vacation however, it has clear goal: find a pension for the Other, Sarah. Both, as the author herself, work in the tourist industry. Their dialogues comprise of variety themes important for a woman’s life - love, friendship, women energy and sexuality. It is very appealing that the plot takes place in Slovakia among its nature and historical sights the author loves so much. You can find out about popular or less known places such as Bocianska (stork) valley, Budmerice Castle, , Zivcak Mountain, or the open-air village museum in Vychylovka . Both main protagonists mention obstacles for successful development of tourism there as well as they give original ideas for growth of this industry.

Source and book covers: Gabriela Revická, Tritiem Literary & Holiday Company, sro

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