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SK, A Trip to Old Bratislava

Published: 18.4.2021
Do you know what the streets and squares of Bratislava looked like 300 years ago? Can you imagine what its inhabitants fed and what life was like at that time in the streets and houses of rich and poor citizens? The new book publication "Bratislava-known-unknown" will show us how and what the city lived in in the 18th century and at the same time allow us to peek into various corners.

The book Bratislava Known and Unknown (through the eyes of Matej Bela in the 18th century) is a translation of Bel's "Notices about Bratislava", which were published in Latin in the first half of the 18th century. It is a historical walk through the city, where you will learn what Bratislava looked like almost 300 years ago on the basis of texts and old paintings. The author of the book - Daniel Kollár - tries to bring readers closer to the realities and life in the city as captured by Matej Bel and his collaborators. It offers a unique testimony to the history of the famous free royal city and provides an up-to-date picture from the 1930s.


How Does Matej Bel Perceive Bratislava - The then Prešporek?

The translator of the book novelty, which is published by DAJAMA, is the classic philologist doc. Mgr. Erika Juríková, Ph.D. According to her, Matej Bel describes Prešporek as a bustling, ethnically mixed city mansion with interesting monuments, cultivated gardens and landscaped squares with elegant sculptures. He pays special attention to the ethnically mixed population, way of life and livelihood. He describes the clothes of the residents as tasteful, he evaluates women as well-built, hard-working and suitable for caring for the household, even if they are a little shouted. However, he criticizes the people of Prešpor for neglecting the upbringing and education of children and preferring hereditary crafts. Overall, however, Matej Bel describes the capital as an important center of political, cultural and ecclesiastical life.

kniha Bratislava známa-neznáma

What Was Life Like Then?

The book, whose text is supplemented by rich pictorial material with examples from Bel's original and many historical views or paintings, will present a wealth of information about Bratislava's history and topography, and will also show interesting features of the lives of the people of that time. Readers will be introduced to the employment of locals, the fate of craftsmen and winemakers, and you will also understand the morals of Bratislava residents.

Hlavní náměstí

What Was Bratislava Like?

Bel's colorful description will allow you to intensely perceive the atmosphere of contemporary Bratislava and transport you to the city in times of greatest glory. Together with Matej Bela, you will walk through today's historic center, visit the Cathedral of St. Martin, you will see the monastery complexes and enjoy the view of the houses belonging to the Hungarian crown and the richest Hungarian nobles. Through the publication, you will also visit the town hall, the city dungeon and finally ascend to the castle hill, where you will admire the extensive castle complex with a charming view of the distant surroundings. From the castle, you will descend a steep path to the castle grounds to end an engaging historical walk in the Jewish quarter.

Prešporek – hradní vrch

You can find a book about Prešpork, which Bel himself called the "paradise of Hungary", in any good bookstore, e-shop or you can even win it! All we have to do is write us the answer to the question: "What period does the historical walk in the mentioned book cover?" To 4gsyQOQa9~Bq2~6_Tlx by 1 May. We will announce the winners on our social media profiles.

The book Bratislava Known and Unknown

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Source and photos: PR, DAJAMA archives

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