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SK: Learn About Slovakian History in 60 Minutes

Published: 30.1.2022
What would you say about learning about important historical milestones in Slovakia in the form of a live story? Such a unique opportunity will come to you through a new publication from the Banská Bystrica publishing house CBS - Slovakia in Time.

The book Slovakia in Time presents the story of Slovakia as a small country with a great past in a popular-dynamic form. Dozens of primary and secondary schools have already procured the publication as an educational teaching aid. Its bilingualism and the portrayal of a living story of Slovak history can also serve as a representative gift.

kniha Slovensko v čase

History of Slovakia in 60 Minutes

The publication, which deals with illustrated historical events in Slovak history, will take readers through the engaging world of the past in 60 minutes. The book by the world-famous French medievalist Jacques Le Goff, in which there were drawings of events from European history, became the inspiration for the author Stanislav Šipkovsky, an active history teacher. At the same time, the motivation was to reverse the sad fact that world history is always more attractive for students as well as the general public than ours, Slovak, mainly due to better popularization or more interesting forms of presentation.

kniha Slovensko v čase - ukážka digitálnej maľby v PC

Live Book

The individual milestones of our history are depicted in the book as a painting. Every painting that captures a story or a specific event creates a story that is not only static, but alive. Thus, the elementary school pupil remembers important events and historical milestones more quickly. These are hand paintings, which are not created with a canvas brush, but with a graphics tablet and a stylus. The illustrator and co-author of the book is only an 18-year-old talented painter, Bianka Horáčeková, who has been drawn to drawing, singing and other artistic activities since childhood, and who took advantage of an offer from the publishing house to be part of this extraordinary project.

autor Stanislav Šipkovský maliarka Bianka Horáčeková pri práci

kniha Slovensko v čase - ukážka digitálnej maľby v PC

Important Historical Milestones of Slovakia

Events with the depicted year are arranged chronologically from prehistory of the Moravian Venus, Roman legions in Laugaricia, Slavs, through the establishment of Great Moravia, the establishment of the Kremnica Mint, important personalities such as Matěj Bel, Samuel Mikovíni or Ľudovít Štúr, to the Vienna Arbitration, the establishment of the Slovak state, entry Of the Slovak Republic to the European Union and the coronary crisis. At the end of the book, the reader will learn about the future of Slovakia and the milestones of education in Slovakia, where various primary or secondary schools from all over Slovakia have their history presented.

kniha Slovensko v čase - ukážka digitálnej maľby v PC

Do not hesitate and embark on time with the new book Slovakia in Time, which aims to give Slovak history "color and life" again, even if only on paper. You can find the publication in any good bookstore or e-shop or you can even win it! Just write us at info@infoglobe.sk at least one historical milestone in Slovakia and you will be included in the draw. Write the answers by February 6, 2022 and we will publish the winner's name on our social networks.

kniha Slovensko v čase  

Source and photos: CBS publishing archive

Edited by: Infoglobe

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