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SK, Nitra – Slovakia's Oldest City – VIDEO

Published: 30.7.2019
In the south of Slovakia, less than 100 kilometers east of Bratislava, you will find a picturesque town with the same name on the Nitra River. It played an important role in Slovak history and many monuments have been preserved to this day. Let's have a look at the most interesting places together.

The history of the town dates back to the 9th century AD, when the Principality of Nitra was founded here, headed by Prince Pribina. Among other things, in 828 he built the first Christian church in the territory of present-day Slovakia. The city served as one of the major centers of the Great Moravian Empire.


Already on your arrival to Nitra you will certainly notice its greatest landmark, Nitra Castle on the hill above the town. The castle stands on the site of a Slavic fortified settlement from the times of the Principality of Nitra.

hrad   hrad v Nitře a socha papeže Jana Pavla II

město z hradu

There are also several important monuments in the castle grounds. The most important is the originally Romanesque basilica of St. Jimram, the cathedral of the oldest bishopric in Central and Eastern Europe. During the Gothic and Baroque periods, the castle underwent extensive reconstructions. Part of the castle is the Bishop's Palace.

Many monuments can be found in the castle. These include the Church and Monastery of St. Peter and Paul and the Church of the Virgin Mary. On Pribinovo Square (just below the castle) you can see beautiful Classicist and Empire palaces and town houses.

klášter sv Petra a Pavla   socha papeže Jana Pavla II

The so-called Lower Town is also worth a visit. Ladislava. It is also worth mentioning the functionalist Workers' Cultural House and the Andrej Bagar Theater.

Divadlo Andreje Bagara   Divadlo Andreje Bagara

On a hill in the south-eastern part of the city you will find the Calvary with the Chapel of Sts. The Cross offers panoramic views of the city and the nearby Zobor Hill.

Nitra has recently attracted art and other cultural activities and gastronomy. The city is surrounded by one of the Slovakian wine regions.

výhled na vrch Zobor

Moreover, right beyond the town, there begins the Ponitří PLA with its romantic deciduous forests, unique forest steppe landscape and bizarre rock formations.

GPS: 48°19'07.9"N 18°05'15.2"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Ketsa

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