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SK, Trenčín Region – Matthew's Kingdom I

Published: 10.6.2020
Although the Trenčín region is not one of the largest regions in Slovakia, it offers a number of excursion destinations.

If you are a lover of sights, you should definitely not miss a walk around Čachtice and Trenčín Castle, Tematín and Beckov Castle, Bojnice Castle, the pilgrimage site Skalka near Trenčín etc. Important personalities, such as the poet and writer Ján Smrek, have left their traces here, astronomer and politician Milan Rastislav Štefánik, national awakener Ľudovít Štúr or author of children's literature Ľudmila Podjavorinská.

Trenčín a okolí

For nature lovers, the Trenčín region opens its gates in the form of Súľov Rocks, Manín Gorge, Vršatské Brady or the beautiful Strážovské Hills.

Trenčín – A City of Kings, Fashion, and Festivals

Our first stop will be the city of Trenčín on the Váh river. It is one of the oldest inhabited places in Slovakia. Its area is the eighth largest city in Slovakia and since ancient times it has been a center of trade, economy and culture.

Trenčín – historie

The city of kings, fashion and also the most famous music festival in Slovakia (Pohoda) is a historical treasury. You will find various sights here, of which perhaps the most important is Trenčín Castle.

Trenčínský hrad, Pixabay

Trenčínský hrad   Trenčínský hrad

In addition to monuments, the city also offers galleries, museums and theaters. For sports enthusiasts, there are various types of sports facilities available in the city and even nature lovers will not come short, because the city offers pleasant walks through the Brezina forest park or safe cycling on marked bike paths.

A Trip to Nature

Trenčínský hrad a okolí,  Pixabay

You can take an interesting and undemanding trip with your children, for example, through the already mentioned forest park Brezina, which is the southwestern tip of the Strážovské hills and extends directly into the center of Trenčín. Lesopark is even historically connected with the development of Trenčín Castle, but currently offers excellent conditions for city recreation.

Strážovské vrchy, Pixabay   Strážovské vrchy, Pixabay

The forest park also includes nature trails, a children's forest playground, a memorial to the martyrs, cross-country trails and exercise equipment, and last but not least, cycling and hiking trails that will take you to the nearby White Carpathians, Považský Inovec or Strážovské vrchy.

Top Event of the Year

festival Pohoda – ilustrační foto, Pixabay

Until recently (until 2016), one of the most important events taking place in the Trenčín Region was the International Film Festival - Art Film Fest, but after its move to Košice, the multi-genre music festival Pohoda, held annually (except in 2020) at Trenčín airport. In addition to music and its world-famous performers, this largest Slovak music festival also offers entertaining attractions, literary discussions, theater performances, dance workshops, political discussions, a zone of non-profit organizations and many other attractive programs.


We will leave the city limits of Trenčín in a week.

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Photos: Infoglobe

Photos: Infoglobe, Pixabay.com

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