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Slovakia - Ďumbier and Low Tatra

Published: 4.3.2008
Ďumbier is situated on main range of Low Tatra Mountains - as its highest point (2043 m) - between Krúpova Hola (1927 m) and Králička (1785 m). On its northern part there are walls of 500 m height, falling to glacier kettlers at the end of Bystrá and Ludarova Valley.

On its northern part, you find a field of granite boulders, where you can meet mountain chamois or Tatra marmots. In winter 1944, there were realized here hard Partisan fights with German Army. As a memory of Partisan passage there was created a monument to fallen fighters, near M.R.Štefanik Chalet. Low Tatra is the third highest range of Western Carpathian Mountains . Its length makes 80kms approx., its average width moves from 15 to 30 kms., and its total area  makes 1242 km². The average altitude above sea level of the whole mountain range is moving from 1500 up to 2000 m. And just this extention classifies the mountains in question on the first place as far as the largeness of Slovakian mountains is concerned. Low Tatra are formed with nucleus chain of mountains. This nucleus is crystalic, made mostly from granite and crystalic slates, and the mountains were formed successively during Primary rocks period. Later, Low Tatra were formed especially in the course of Alps-rugosity in younger Secondary formation and older Tertiary formation. Anyway, today´s face was formed - within last glacier time-period - with big glaciers which appeared here at that time. During its landslip, there were created lakes and moraines, this fact is to be noticed especially on northern part of mountain-range. Most part of mountains here is formed with a karst - Demanovský and Ďumbierský Karst. In these areas there were created, by means of water action, enormous cave-complexes - as for instance - Demanovské Caves in Demanovská Valley. We can also find similar systems near to Ďumbier, forming the part of Kozí chrbty massif.  They are more than 20 kms long, some of them are open for public.

Low Tatra are rich on fauna as well as flora. Wild bears are living here, further wolves, lynx, wild cats, chamois and marmots.

Text: Pavel Faustus

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