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Sochi - the town of sun I.

Published: 17.3.2010
„The Town of Sun“, „Magnolia Countryside“, „Pearl at the Seaside“ – all these names belong to famous spa town of Sochi, situated in Russian Federation, Krasnodar Region.

Geographic position

Sochi and the environs are placed in the centre of Black Sea Coast of Caucasus Mountains, from Magri up to Psou-river (145 kms), and from sea-side beach up to main Caucasus Ridge (40-60 kms). Remarkable originality and individuality of this corner of north-west Caucasus are stipulated by heterogenity of ecological conditions, geological structure, climatic conditions, soil, and also with formation of  vegetable and animal world. Warm air, heading for Black Sea coast is stopped  with mountain ridges. Anyway, the same mountains protect the penetration of cold air from north. A presence of barriere, in a form of main Caucasus Ridge, is especially sensible during winter period.


Great Caucasus

This  is mountain belt between Black Sea and  Caspian Sea  (from the town of Anapa up to the mounth of Sumgait-river). Its length makes more than 1100 kilometres, the width makes 180 kilometres. Great Caucasus is divided into three parts, such as:West Caucasus (from Black Sea up to Elbrus), Central Caucasus (from Elbrus to Kasbek) and East Caucasus(from Kasbek up to Caspian Sea). Inside Great Caucasus area, the glaciers are enlarged.Its number reaches to 2200 units, taking the surface of 1430 square metres. North slopes are covered with glaciers much more as these placed on south side. In the surroundings of Elbrus Mountain, the length of several glaciers reaches the length of 12 kms. The altituded of the  highest peak of Caucasus Mountains – Elbrus – makes 5642 metres above sea level. In Sochi environs, there are to be found the following mountains, such as: Fist Mountain (2867 m), Cutas Mountain ( 3238 m) and Psish Mountain ( 3790 m). All these peaks, including many others, are well visible from various view points in Sochi.



In north and south part of Caucasus, the average temperature in January varies from -5° C up to + 7° C. Black Sea, which make warmer the air in winter, protecting the coast against cold north winds, maintain, on the other hand, warm and humid air alonmg its slopes, creating in lower sites humid subtropical climate. So, the climate in Sochi has three weather period instead of four. Warm and humid (wet) summer is changing to lomg term autumn. On the other hand, late autumn is changing  to early spring.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Panoramio,com

Translation: Ing. Jan Jonáš



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