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Sochi - the town of sun IV.

Published: 12.5.2010
How does it look like a place, where Winter Olympic Games will be taken place in 2014?

Dolomiten in Sochi

Along the whole Black Sea Coast as well as in the mountains of North Caucasus, the people discovered remarkable architectonical objects - dolomites. They remind gigantic stone birds´small huts or small houses, constructed by unknown builders from plates, at the weight of several tonnes. However, their origin is unknown till now. It is obvious that these dolomites appeared in Caucasus during the same time period as pyramides in Egypt, Stonenhange in England or stone columns in France. In general, approx. seven thousands of Caucasus dolomites are discovered and known. However, many of them are destroyed but the research of preserved pieces enabled the scientists to arrive at interesting conclusions. It is to be assumed that ancient people used these dolomites as the tombs. You can meet these constructions in groups, placed on straight platforms, near to the rivers or mountain headlands. Its frontal part of portal are always turned towards the south or to the east. Many numerous pictures and hieroglyphes give evidence about the fact that the dolomites could have worshiped importance.

The age of the greatest dolomiten-complex which is to be found in Wolkonka village, is more than four thousand years old. The archeological monument, discovered in ravine of Godlich-river, is composed of three constructions of various dimension, being contemporary of Egyptian pyramides. 

In the environs of Kudepsta community, famous „sacrifice stone“ are to be found, known as „Tscherkessian stone“. A lamp of sandstone, where small pits of various dimensions are cut out, were appeared there within 3-4 centuries B.C.

Mountain nations have the legend, explaining how the dolomites were discovered. In past, these constructions were taken for holy ones, therefore they were protected and worshiped. Ancient people named such dolomites as „dwarfs´ houses“, built by giants, who lived there in past.

Zmeykow Waterfall Complex - Macestin Waterfall

Inside area of Sochi National Park, the river with unusual name - Zmejka (Small Snake) is flowing through. This river got such name for its winding river basin, broken through narrow ravine. Waters in Zmeyka are blooming as serpent´ scales in sunshine rays. Right tributary of Macesta-river is interesting, first of all, with its waterfalls, which fall, through 600 metres long cascade, into the river.

Upper two-storey waterfall, 30 metres long, starts with basin, where you can enjoy your bath. Water falls ahead, running over the rapids, becoming weak in quiet bays, and continue towards lower (bottom) waterfall. Zmeykow Waterfalls, different from those Agur Waterfalls, never become parched, thanks to the springs, where they were born. One of them - Izumrudnyi (Emerald Waterfall) is famous through its transparent pure drinking water.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš





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