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Sochi - the town of sun V.

Published: 15.5.2010
"Tulpannoye derewo" (Lilylike - Tulipblossom): Rayewsky Tree in Golowinka Community.

This plant is originally from North America. The tree obtained its name owing to flowers, reminding tulip. The form of its leaves resembles lyre, an old musical instrument. The height of this tree makes 35 metres, trunk diameter makes nearly two metres. This tree has another name - Rayewsky Tree, according to General Rayewsky, the son of hero Russian-French war of 1812. This man was passionate botanist. Rayewsky planted these tulip trees as a form of fight with malaria epidemy. This bitter bark tree from branches and rootes was being used against fevers instead of chinin bark.

Botanical Garden - „Dendrarij“ - Arboretum

This arboretum is the greatest in Russia, well-known even abroad. You can find there more than 1800 sorts and forms of plants and bushes from all continents. This collection contains 106 domestics, 310 genera, 1100 sorts and 600 undersorts. The plants, cultivated in botanic garden, could be seen also in the town, such as: majestic eucalyptus, palms, lilylikes-tulipblossoms, juccas and agave, Japan sakurar, cypresses, cork-oakes, gigantic sekwoyas and many other sorts of plants are decorating parks as well as free places of recovery houses in Sochi.

Yew-buxus Grove

This yew-buxus grove is an unique nature corner, where eventhe plants of pre-glacier time period were preserved. They did not change at all within 30 millions of years. This protected grove was not tought by wood-cutter axes. Now, it is an object of world nature heritage, and it is, from this reason, under UNESCO protection. On surface of 302 hectares, there are growing approx. 700 sorts of trees and bushes. You can find there very old plants of the age exceeding two thousands of years. The relics plants and endemits (these plants are appearing on certain areas only) form special sightseeings of this grove. Approx. twenty rare and menaced sorts are registered in so called Red Book, where you can specify yew trees and buxus.

Text: Maxim Kucer





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