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Sochi - the town of sun VI.

Published: 19.5.2010
Medical Care and Relax

Medical care in Sochi has more than one hundred years´ tradition, as it joins together all generally known and specific recovering methods. Healing sulphuretted hydrogen water Macesty brought the spa its world-wide fame. As far as Russia is concerned, Sochi is disposing the greatest number of various sorts of recovery seats. In 200 units, medical treatments are to be given, such as heart-vein diseases, the ilnesses of central and peripherial  nervous system, movement organism, gynecological diseases, dermatologist, imunoalergologist diseases, the ilnesses of endocrinological system, breath system or digesting organs.

So, Sochi became famous as balneological spa. In town as well as in its environs, there are to be found many healing springs of various sorts. Moreover, the town has more than 60 years old tradition in mud healing. The mud comes from Imeretinsk finding place of Adler district. In accordance with its physical characteristic, it is identical with known loamy mud. On the other hand, it does not contain hydrogen sulphide or iron. This fact enables its application for weakened ill adults and children.

Nevertheless, Macesta, sulphuretted hydrogen springs´ finding place became a shrine, and even legends circulate about its healing effects. Hydrogen sulphur water of Macesta contains approximately twenty chemical ingredients, such as: gas, micro-molecules and salts. Anyway, main component of local water - sulphuretted hydrogen - causes a number of organism reactions, by means of penetration of free hydrogen sulphur through skin and breathing ways, has its effects for cells, and it is very effective and advantageous to human organism.

The Sun and The Beaches

A relax in Sochi is typical by means of pure big beaches, passing in the length of at least of 118 kilometres along Black Sea coast. In Lazarew district, there are to be found pebble beaches, even 400 metres wide. On the other hand, in Central district, there are most luxurious beaches, including develeped infrastructure of water attractions. Hostin district is characteristic with pebble and sandy beaches. The lovers of active relax in water prefer well-equipped towns´and spa beaches. Nevertheless, who prefers solitude, he could have a rest on wild beaches situated along both parts of Vidny Cap. Inside Spa Town and on embankments and beaches, you can find all necessary for your entertainment and relax. In Imeretinsk Bay, the beaches with fine sand are available.

During your relax in Sochi, everybody could look for the entertainment according to his taste. You can find there many cinemas (movies), entertainment parks, concert halls, theatres or aquaparks. Beer Festival, known as „The Sea of Beer“, international cinema-festival „Kinotavr“, theatre festival, fashion festival, organ and jazz festival and various concerts, all such actions are organized there.

Sochi offers a lot of possibilities for lovers of sports. So, there are organized, in land:

tourist trips of different difficulty categories, mountain-bikes excursions, speleological excursions, tours with mountain skis, mountaineering, horse riding, Alpinism, terrain vehicle drives. On the other hand, on sea, there are organized windsurfing, diving, yachting, hydroplan, water wheel, or rafting on mountain rivers.

Moreover: Sochi will become a scene of XXII. Winter Olympic Games in 2014.


Ten reasons, why to visit Sochi:

1. Subtropical climate: Spa saison in Sochi is open all year round. In summer, you can enjoy the bathing and swimming in warm sea, and in winter to have a relax in Krasnaya Polana mountain resort.

2. In Sochi, you have available big choice of places, suitable for relax: a lot of sanatoriums and hotels.

3. In 2014, the first Winter Olympic Games in Russia (just in Sochi) will be taken place.

4. In Sochi, you can find the longest beaches´ belt of the world. You can admire 118 kilometres of beaches.

5. In Sochi, you have the choice of many attractive places from tourist point of view.

You can visit a place, where Prometheus was put in irons, visit Stalin´s summer lodge, a tower in Achun Hill, etc.

6. Sochi is known as popular place for organization of various business meetings and negotiations, conferences and exhibitions. The visit of such events could be joined with pleasant relax.

7. Sochi is ideal place for family relax. For kids, there are available aquaparks, circus, dolphinarium, aquariums, entertainment parks with attractions, as well as amusement centres.

8. Krasnaya Polana is the only mountain resort of the world offering skiing at the coast of Black Sea. The snow on slopes of Caucasus Mountain Range is available there since November till June. The length of skiing routes of different difficulty stages is totally 25 kilometres long.

9. Heterogeneity of relax. spa healing, relax at seaside, adrenalin sorts of sport, tourist excursions, etc.

10. Marvellous nature and unforgettable experience.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Paul Strishko, Segey Bulanov, Andrey Bogdanov, Victor Smagin, Aplesnin_Mikhail, Groshev Yuri

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