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Spain, Marbella – Picturesque City II

Published: 19.10.2018
Marbella, the home for 140 thousand, was introduced in the last part. Today, we will continue in our trip to explore some nooks of this city in south of Spain.

Marbella means beautiful sea. Once you find yourself here, you will certainly be right about it. If you are in the city center, you will not have to be far to the beach. For example, you can visit the popular Playa Fontanilla beach, stretching approximately one kilometer long, lined with restaurants and shops.
All sandy beaches are marked with a blue flag, meaning that their waters are mild, safe and are ideal for lounging and relaxing swimming.


After we rest, we return to Casa Antiguo, the old town, specifically at Plaza de Altamirano. This cobbled square is filled with palm trees and old street lamps. Charming houses adorn forged balconies and facades are often covered with lush vegetation. Try to sit at some restaurant's terrace around these parts to taste some good meal.


The Municipal Archaeological Collection, which is housed in a 16th-century building directly on the square, is worth seeing here. The museum exhibits artifacts found in the city itself or in its immediate surroundings. One of the places where some objects have been transferred to the museum is Alcazaba. It is the ruins of an old, once strongly fortified Moorish castle that embraced the entire city. The castle is one of the most important remains of Muslim civilization in the city. The castle walls were built in the 10th and 11th centuries. Currently, concerts or other cultural events take place between the ruins.

Marbella   Marbella

Museo Ralli is another well-known attraction, approximately 10 minutes by car from the center. There are ten great galleries waiting for you with the best of Latin American art.

Swimming at sea is now too late, but if you are on the road along the Costa del Sol, give Marbelle a chance. This is the ideal weather for sightseeing.

GPS: 36°30'42.0"N 4°53'01.0"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Foto: Wikipedia.org: Manuel Gonzalez Olaechea, pip13, Steve-h, Manuel Gonzalez Olaechea (2), sksachin

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