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Switzerland: Below Jungfrau Peak

Published: 5.9.2011
If you decide, visiting Switzerland, to travel to Jungfrau Peak, so, would you take in mind that you need favourable weather conditions and enough time for your trip. Let´s start our journey with Swiss Railways to the highest placed railway station of the Europe!

All begins in small town of Interlaken. This locality is placed in the centre of two lakes (Brienzersee and Thunersee). As starting point, you can choose Interlaken Ost or Interlaken West. Each station has its own timetable but no every train is running up to the highest located station. Nevertheless, one moment is quite important: you are recommended to be there in time! The reason is simple: the number of tickets is limited. Owing to the fact that the tickets could be bought the previous day (after 2 o´clock p.m.) you never know how many tickets would be disposable for you. Provided you will be informed: „Sorry, the tickets are sold out!“. do not worry, let to be carried to one station, situated in lower section, and there, you change a train leading to Jungfraujoch Station (3454 metres above sea level). If it is a free place in the train available, the guard sells you additional ticket. The way to the top takes approx. 2,5 hours. Return way takes the same time and you can choose from two variants.


But back to the railway station downstairs! At first, we pass plainland, where, in each village, wooden houses and small hotels are to be found. After 30 minutes drive, we start to mount slowly, and the surrounding Alps meadows, which secure enough hay for winter season, fill up with the smell (perfume) the whole train interior. After one and half hour climbing and periodic stops - mostly at luxurious hotels, we arrive in Kleine Scheidegg Station (2061 metres above sea level). Here, you have to change to another cog-wheel railway. We look around green colours of pasture lands, pass a stop with a hotel at the sea bank and enter into Eiger - one of shields of this mountain range. A passage throughout Monch Peak follows. After one hour´s drive throughout rocky massif and two stops with glassed outlooks towards surrounding countryside, we approach terminus station - Jungfraujoch, located inside Jungfrau Mountain massif. A nest of spacy, illuminated and well secured rocky corridors leads us comfortably to all attractions of this mountain. We can easily reach several outlooks-views (by means of speed-lift) or several cols (passing snow islands) and fully enjoy mountain sceneries or visit ice cave (1000 square metres). On slopes, a tubing with roofed lift is ready for all age categories, moreover a rope crossing among the peaks is available for adrenalin lovers. Several restaurants are also for your disposal, of course.

Panorama of mountains

When return momemt is approaching (to tell the truth, the time is really passing here very quickly!)you have to calculate with a fact that some fully occupied train you have to ignore. All people return down in the afternoon, and naturally, train capacity is limited, in such case. Last train is leaving at 5 p.m. Anyway, return way is also beautiful as those upstairs, so, more detailed description is really unnecessary…

Walk Through Mountain SaddleViewpointSnowtubing

Ice CavePedestrian TunnelWay To Jungfrau Peak

Text/photo: Monika Babická

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

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