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Switzerland, Zürich – A Panorama Walkway above the City

Published: 26.3.2022
Today, we take a look at Zurich from bird's eye for we make a hike onto Üetliberg hill which belongs to the Albis mountains. The main train station in the town will be our point of start. Here we get on a train and take ride to the hill.

The ride on a red train was so fast we even hadn't realized that we actually arrived at Üetliberg station at 800 meters. The vista from there was fascinating and we saw the city as well as Lake Zurich. We then joined a path whih was well marked to enjoy our great trip.

Švajčiarsko, Zürich

Shortly thereafter, we spotted the 186 TV tower, and a hotel with spa and observation tower too. Take a break here as we did, have a hazelnut croissant, and enjoy the amazing vistas over the landscape.



Once we ate our snacks we follow the Planetenweg walkway which supposedly takes us up to the "stars"! This walkway is a scale model of our solar system. We pass stones with information on each planet. The distance of stones, or planets if you will, is corresponds to the real distance in space. Hence we reached the milestone of 1 million kilometers on our walk.


The Sun is the first stop, Pluto is thte last. In about hour and a half after walking across beautiful meadows and forests, we reach Adliswil-Felsenegg upper cable car station. However, we don't end our trip here. Mere 5 minutes of walk from here thre is Felsenegg cabin where you can have a meal and enjoy the vista over Sihltal valley, Reppisch or Lake Zurich.

lanovky Adliswil-Felsenegg

rozcestník Felseneggchata Felsenegg

There are some other tourist trails which being at the cable car. These go to mountain passes, the medieval castle of Baldern or the only wilderness park in Switzerland: Zürich - Sihlwald Wilderness Park.

lanovka Adliswil-Felsenegg

A five to six minute ride in a cable car marks a beautiful conclusion to our trip. When we reach the bottom station we step in the town of Adliswil which is a part of Horgen borrough, Zurich. Before we end our hike on a train station about 400 meters from the cable car station, we see the beautiful Roman-Catholic church of the Holy Trinity. The three-aisle Gothic revival structure features distinct windows and clock. In silence we thank for a beautiful day.

kostol Najsvätejšej Trojice, Adliswil

You can make a hike in the opposite direction as well. Its flat terrain makes it easy for kids too. If you are willing to learn about the city from another angle, set out into nature.

Švajčiarsko, Zürich

GPS: 47°21'07.6"N 8°29'15.4"E (Üetliberg terminus)

GPS: 47°18'47.5"N 8°31'12.6"E (Adliswil - cable car bottom station)

Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Mário Lipovský              

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