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Taiwan – Beautiful Places on the North of the Country

Published: 25.2.2019
e northern coast of Taiwan offer plentiful natural phenomena. When you head out from Taipei City by train to Ruifang, you only have a transfer to a shuttle bus that runs along the northeastern coast. You can buy a one-day ticket for 50 taiwan dollars (approx. CZK 36) directly at the driver and you can get off at any of the stops. At the train station, do not forget to pick up information and bus timetables at the Infocenter.

We made our first stop at Golden Waterfall, located just by the road. Although the waterfall looks like it flowed on gold, but unfortunately, the truth behind its golden look is less enchanting. It has a chemical reaction of the various metals found in this mining area of gold, and regular precipitation. Combined with deep green grass around it is a grazing not only for the eyes but also for the lens of our camera.

Golden Waterfall – opravdová pastvoa pro oči

Our other stop is at Nanya Rock Formation. These beautiful stone formations will capture every visitor. From the bus stop you will walk a few hundred meters around the coast, and you can refresh yourself by riding in the sea. Soon, interesting stones with different cracks begin to appear, and erosion has created a really beautiful mixture of atypical stone formations.

vlivem eroze vznikají i takové krásy, které jsou k vidění v Nanya Rock formation   útvary v Nanya Rock formation jsou výsledkem práce přírody

The third stop is already about prooving our shape. Bitou Trail leads up to Longdong Bay, but we're only two miles away. The path rises uphill, we climb a lot of stairs, the higher we climb, the more beautiful views over the ocean open up in front of us. At the top of the mountain ridge, we stop for a snack in the covered seating area.

Bitou Trail nabízí nezapomenutelnou túru po hřebeni hor   Vyhlídka na Bitou Trail

In the evening, we go back to Taipei and the next day we go to the famous geopark Yehliu. Right from the start, a lot of tourists spoil our mood. In addition, this geopark is the only place where we pay admission. Despite the crowds of Chinese visitors, we are trying to get at least some nice photos of lonely rock formations. We are here in the desert landscape of the Moon, covered by the peculiar shapes of stones that protrude from the ground.

pukliny v Yehliu geoparku   v Yehliu to vypadá jako na Měsíci

The worst situation about tourists begins at Queen's Head stop, which also is the most photographed formation in the geopark. This stone really reminds the queen's head so that you can be immune to it, you have to stand a long queue.

nejznámější kámen – Queen's Head

If we stop considering the number of people there, we have to admit that it's interesting and nice here. But we liked it on the northeastern coast of the island at Nanya Rock Formation where we were alone and we could enjoy the beauty of the place.

Whether you prefer solitude or enjoy the presence of other tourists, you will find both on the north coast of Taiwan. And you will soon understand why the European seafarers called Taiwan Formosa, the Beautiful Island.

GPS: 25°07'02.2"N 121°51'41.2"E


Text and photos: Jana Hejlová

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