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Taiwan – Yangmingshan National Park

Published: 11.2.2019
Close to the capital of Taiwan - Taipei - there is the Yangmingshan National Park. This area is volcanic in origin and underground there are magmatic deposits, which make it a great number of hot springs. The highest mountain is Qixingshan (1,120 m above sea level), and if you have a good physique, you can take it.

From Taipei you can get to the NP by shuttle bus S15 from Jiantan Station. The journey takes about an hour and comes out at 15 TWD. We perform in Yangmingshan at the Lengshuikeng Visitor Center, located just at the foot of Qixingshan Mountain.

nejvyšší hora Qixingshan zásahy člověka do přírody jsou velmi citlivé

We admire many species of beautiful butterflies which are not afraid of us and pose in front of the camera. The paths are well kept in the park because, besides beautiful butterflies, you can meet even poisonous spiders and snakes. And that we really meet a lot of spiders on the way! We do not even want to think if one of them is not poisonous.

návštěvnické centrum Lengshuikeng takto vypadá návštěvnické centrum uvnitř

At the visitor center, you can take a map where all possible routes are clearly marked. You have no place to go by the way, because all the roads are well marked and mostly go along the rocky roads.

cesty jsou všude upravené

Nature is virgin. Sometimes we feel like we were in a primaveal forest and not just a few miles from the capital. We live waterfalls, streams, interesting trees, flowers, birds are baptizing over our heads. There is also a very nice climate, in contrast to the hot city, there is a chill and clean fresh air.

zvířata jsou tu zřejmě zvyklá na lidi v Yangmingshanu žije několik druhů motýlů

Dense tree and bush cover gives this place an almost primeval atmosphere. It is unbelievable that just a few miles from Taipei you will be transferred to a completely different world of wildlife.

u vodopádu Juansi

Many residents of the capital use a convenient bus connection to Yangmingshan and go to relax here. Definitely go here too. This trip is also a great choice if you only travel to Taiwan for another flight and you have at least one day off.

GPS: 25°11'39.1"N 121°33'42.6"E

Text and photos: Jana Hejlová

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