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US: San Francisco – Where to Go?

Published: 13.12.2013
In previous parts of our journey to the United States you could get some notion what to expect of San Francisco and what makes it famous. Also, we have seen one of the most famous prisons, or former prisons in the world, Alcatraz. It is also located in San Francisco.

If you want to really enjoy the city, you should be there at least four days a week to spend. If you travel by public transport, you have to count with the fact that quite a lot of time you spend traveling.

Places to see in San Francisco is quite a lot. These include, for example, Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). The institution was founded in the 1930s and up to the end of the 80 years, when it was based in Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art was the most important institution of its kind in California.

San Francisco

At present, the museum reconstructs, however you can still come see for example the exhibition Henri Matisse, which is open until September 2014. In addition, the Museum organizes an exhibition Flesh and Metal, which shows the concept of the body and the machine in art in the early 20th century.

The place which you should give the highest priority is undoubtedly California Academy of Sciences . This is not one of the largest natural history museums in the world, you will be immediately obvious when you find yourself in front of his monumental main entrance.

San Francisco

Just after the entrance (entrance fee is about $30) a skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex will welcome you. Those of you who know Spielberg's film Jurassic Park will definitely remembersome scenes from the movie. In the museum, you have many choices where to look. You can head to the down floor to explore the aquatic world and see all possible and imaginableSan Francisco fish, seahorses, frogs, stingrays and other marine, aquatic and amphibious animals. There is also a small tunnel that is surrounded by a large aquarium, so when you happen to be there you will see fish all around you.

It is also possible to target the exhibition mammals live exposure of the penguins, who are regularly fed, on which you can naturally look. The exhibition is also impressive part about the biological evolution of humans. A very interesting part of the museum is inside the forest. He has several floors, so that gradually rises from the ground floor with very high humidity up into tree crowns. Around wonderful you are flying butterflies and birds, so catch to pull the trigger your camera.

When you get enough of the rainforest, water world and the exposure of mammals, you can set your steps to explore the exhibition devoted to dinosaurs or exhibition dedicated to disasters. There you will see what food is intended for long-term survival etc. But by far the biggest attraction of the exhibition is an installation that simulates earthquakes. However, you must reckon with the fact that you would experience a long queue, because there are often school trips in the museum and to children earthquake is an irresistible experience.

San Francisco

To be continued...

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org: WolfmanSF, TheDailyNathan, Daniel Schwen, Caroline Culler, Jjron



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