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USA, Alabama: Fairhope – Great Place for Being Retired

Published: 27.12.2019
Last week we went through a small town Guntersville and our tip for today's day is the town of Fairhope.

There are many good reasons to visit Fairhope, especially out of season. If you are looking to look at the Gulf Coast, believe that you rarely come across such a picturesque area dotted with old southern houses, see oak-lined streets, or see the charming historic center.


Fairhope is home to 17,000 people and sits on the cliffs overlooking Mobile Bay. Even if you don't come across white beaches like Florida, the local landscape has something to calm you down.

You can also enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the small café Panini Pete vs in the heart of Fairhope. The favorite place is famous for its beignetkami, which are fried pieces of dough, which are always eaten hot and coated in powdered sugar. They are very popular in the American South and especially in Louisiana. But local paninis are also worth sin. Try to come here for breakfast in the morning. When it is at least a little warm outside, sit under the local oak tree and take a walk around the area as soon as you are finished.

episkopální kostel ve Fairhope

Fairhope was founded only in 1894 by several colonists. In their quest to find a piece of paradise in the American wilderness, they encountered rocks where Fairhope later grew up. There are quite a lot of craftsmen, retired people looking for a quiet place for old age, and artists, especially writers. Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize winner, said one day that you can't stumble over a serious-looking writer at Fairhope. The local cozy Page & Palette bookshop offers works by well-known local authors. Easily get lost for hours in the bowels between shelves.

festival umění   knihovna

When you are in Fairhope, you will appreciate some tips for good food. Our recommended place will delight you because it boasts spectacular views. The Sunset Pointe restaurant is right in the harbor. Perhaps you would expect such an exposed place to be tourist-oriented and not to care about the quality of its own kitchen. If so, then you cannot be further from the truth. Their menu is great.

Before you get into the car and explore the Alabama countryside, you can enjoy a short visit to the local Fairhope History Museum and the surrounding area. The local permanent exhibition includes, for example, a city prison or exhibits related to the founders of the city. In addition, a tea party is held every weekend for accompanying lectures on Fairhope attractions.

GPS: 30°31'22.2"N 87°54'13.1"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org: Kevin Magee, Stratosphere, Mitzi.humphrey, Library of Congress, Library of Congress (2)

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