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USA: Alaska - Wild And Beautiful I.

Published: 22.10.2012
My trip to Alaska actually started long time before departure. Why Alaska, if beautiful places are really a lot? To fill my dream of travelling has helped me realize my father, an avid hunter, who for 20 years has travelled almost the whole world.

lake with glacier

I decided that I will go after his footsteps, I'll try to visit the places where he enjoyed his hunting passion, I am going to hunt as well, but only photos!

17. 8. 2011

Amsterdam, Seattle, Anchorage

AnchorageWe met at Prague Ruzyně Airport (today Vaclav Havel Airport), Terminal II, at 7.15. Customs procedures in Prague took place without difficulty, as well as a flight to Amsterdam. Airport in Amsterdam, as I found out, is known for strict adherence to regulations. With regard to customs controls and inspections prior to departure, we did everything without a problem.

To the place we arrived around 10pm local time, 24 hours after departure from Prague. The journey was really challenging. At the airport guide Dáša waited, who lives here in Alaska for nearly 13 years.

The first accommodation - on 5th Avenue in downtown of Anchorage - Hotel Days Inn. To the same hotel we return at the end of our journey to spend here last two nights.

18. 8. 2011

Anchorage, Lake Hood; Seward Highway, Kenai Peninsula, Turnagain Arm, Portage, Hope

I have a breakfast outside the hotel, in the restaurant of Country Kitchen. Breakfast at accommodation establishments USA are different from those to which we are accustomed in the country. Mainly Americans "do not know" salty pastries, the vast majority of these products have more or less sweet touch. If you want to "salty

Lake Hood - airplane

breakfast", you must go to a restaurant and pay more...

U.S. specialty is reimbursement for consumption. They are very unhappy to count spent for each customer. Menu price is without VAT and without a tip. However, both of these items you must pay. If you calculate gratuity to an individual operator's total remuneration is less than if you viewed as a group - that's why the pressure is so strong.

After breakfast we went via airport and Lake Hood Lake, where is the largest dock of seaplane in the world. Really eye candy for lovers of airplanes!

We are going to the first amazing place - Kenai Peninsula. We go along the bay, which features one of the highest levels of the differences between high tide and low tide. If you're lucky and you're there when the high wave goes into the bay, it's a great experience. We note first success, thanks to our tour guide from the distance on a rock we can see a black bear, Baribal. She confirms that their presence at this point is not very common, so for us success in the very first day! In the distance, we also see Dall´s white sheep (the only pure white wild species in the world). Unfortunately the weather is getting bad quickly. We continue cross Turnagain mountain pass. At the end of the valley is a lake, into which the mouth of the Portage Glacier. In the lake occasionally beautifully blue icebergs swim. In the area are also seen dilapidated woody houses destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1964. Landscape looks very strange, a bit like a "monthly", there are plenty of dead trees that stuck up, and this is a consequence of the earthquake, when the earth moved and the sea was suddenly higher than the mainland.

Kenai Peninsula

Unfortunately, the rain continues. Our photographic passion thanks to inclement weather is not satisfied, so we try to do one more stop. It is a small bay that, in the distance, hides Bald Eagle sitting on the bank. It is quite far from the shore. Although the sea retreated, but it does not attract the mud in front of us, so guys trying to climb the rocks around to come closer and have a greater chance to get a nice shot. Dáša has other plans, maybe accidDiscovery Cabinetentally, walk cross lush vegetation and a moment later we have got a beautiful mushrooms. As we found out, in Alaska nobody does mushrooms. When in a restaurant order steak with mushrooms, this is primarily mushrooms. "Natives" do not know mushrooms and do not believe that they are edible.

We go far to the town of Hope. We are staying at a place called Discovery Cabinet. Located about 10 log cabins here, including the main building, which is the background for the entire complex. In the whole area there are cabins unlocked. Tourists are not only accustomed to no one steal, but neither damaged. After arrival, you have to contact the owner by telephone at the main building and arrange everything. Evening program means the visit of Seaview Bar in the town of Hope. We have the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of your favourite local business. We are full of experiences and look forward to get more!

In the next part we will visit the port in Seward and Exit Glacier.


Text/photo: Magdaléna Radostová


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USA: Alaska - Wild And Beautiful II.  
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Today, for the first time, is our "reveille" later than usual. Our photo-expedition ends. It remains only to buy some souvenirs, pack our things and prepare for our way back home tomorrow.

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