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USA, California: Fresno – Visiting the City

Published: 17.1.2020
The city's name sounds interesting, curiosity has not allowed us to miss what it means. The name originates neither in English nor in the native Native American Yokut and Miwok tribes, as is common throughout America but in Spanish. Fresno means ash because ash is the most common tree lining the San Joaquin River, which flows into the Gulf of Suisun.

The city was founded in 1872, when a transcontinental railway built by Central Pacific Railroad created a railway station of the same name. Towards the end of the 1880s, the town grew to such an extent that it became an economic center, driven by agricultural production, especially large-scale production of wheat.


During the 20th century there was a significant population boom. Even in the 60s the city had about 140 thousand inhabitants. Forty years later over 400 thousand and today over 530 thousand, making it the fifth most populous city in California. Fresno is also the largest inland city of this state and is located near its geographical center.

Fresno   Fresno na začátku 20. století

Když se podíváte na mapu města, budete mít chvíli dojem, že koukáte na čtverečkovaný papír. Fresno patří v tomto ohledu k typickým severoamerickým metropolím. My se podíváme nejprve do centra. To prošlo rozsáhlou revitalizací, jenž si kladla za cíl udělat město atraktivnější pro turisty. Srdce centra tvoří Courthouse Park, jemuž vévodí budova soudu. Nedaleko parku stojí impozantní budova radnice. O její futuristický design se postaral již zesnulý kanadský architekt Arthur Ericksson.


While walking in the area, head to the Old Fresno Water Tower. It was built in the early 90s of the 19th century. The architect George Washington Maher was inspired by the great Chicago fire of 1871, which then destroyed the public library, but not the local water tower, which in turn turned into a library after the fire.

vodárenská věž

Maher originally expected that the library would be in the water tower. However, in the end, the plan fell. The tower served until 1963, when its technical equipment has become obsolete. At the beginning of the new millennium, the tower was restored in the spirit of the American Romanesque style and an art gallery was established here a few years ago.


GPS: 36°46'39.0"N 119°43'03.0"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org, Wikimedia Commons: Bobak HaEri, Model Citizen, JMora24, Koala5060, Bobak HaEri, Fresno Co., Cal., Qymekkam

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