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USA, Georgia: Atlanta – Learning About City's History

Published: 13.3.2020
Today's continuation of the trip to the most interesting places in Atlanta will begin with a visit to a major cultural monument - the Fox Theater, which was built during the 1920s as Yaraab Temple Shrine Mosque in the spirit of overly opulent Arabic style. When the building was opened to the public, newspapers wrote of it as "a picturesque building of even worrying grandiose beyond imagination."

Fox Theater

The auditorium consists of over 4 600 seats. The stage was designed to show movies and perform live shows. The interior is a replica of the Arab court, including a night sky with twinkling stars. In recent years, the interior of the cinema has undergone extensive revitalization work, including furniture. As a result, its original appearance and atmosphere of the late 1920s were preserved. Today you can go to opera, ballet, drama, musical, but also stand-up comedians like Bill Mahler. So if you want some culture in Atlanta, then it's hard to find a better place.

Fox Theatre

If you want to learn more about history, then set aside time at the Atlanta History Center, an important complex including the Atlanta History Museum, the Olympic Games Museum, the Swan House, the Smith Family Family Farm, the Kenan Research Center, and several historic gardens. The Atlanta History Museum includes several permanent collections as well as frequent temporary exhibitions. The museum exhibition is of course based on an exhibition about the American Civil War. You will also see the folk art of the American South and several other exhibitions related to the history of the city.

Umělecké muzeum

An interesting and, say, somewhat freezing place is the historic Oakland Cemetery. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century on two and a half hectares and originally it was only a garden. During the civil war, however, the boundaries of the cemetery expanded to be buried here the remains of the fallen on the battlefield. Finally, the Oakland Cemetery expanded to nearly 37 hectares. In the mid-1880s the sale of land for burial ended.

The cemetery began to deteriorate over time, but in 1976 the Oakland Cemetery was declared a National Historic Landmark and the Historic Oakland Foundation was founded to manage it. Together with the city, this organization takes care to ensure that the historical monument receives the necessary care to preserve it for future generations. The cemetery also has a visitor center and there is even a souvenir shop.

Oakland Cemetery

If you are intrigued by the South American Folk Art at the Museum of History of Atlanta, you can expand your knowledge in the outstanding High Art Museum. Founded in 1905, the museum has expanded considerably since then and hosts collections with a wide range from the famous works of the European Renaissance to French masters of the 19th century to major American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org: Atlantacitizen, Daniel Mayer, Scott Ehardt, Mike Schinkel, Josh Hallett

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