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USA, Hawaiian Islands – In the Middle of the Pacific V

Published: 5.2.2016
Last time we concluded our trip at a market on Merchant Street. We leave it for ʻIolani palace, the destination of today’s trip.

You can get to this royal mansion from King Street which is lined with greenery. The palace itself stands on sacred ground. Once the nobles of native Hawaiian society were buried there. Europeanization of the islands caused the taste of the elites to change. In the 1820s the first royal Western-style tomb inspired by the tombs in the Westminster abbey, London was built here.

 ʻIolani palace

In the 1840s, Hale Aliʻi (the house of chiefs) was built here. The current palace is about two thirds larger than Hale Aliʻi. In the 1970s the former palace was destroyed and construction of a new, modern, and more opulent began.

It was equipped with its own plumbing, electric light, or telephone. By the way, the very name of the palace is very noble for Io is Hawaiian hawk and lani means heavenly or noble.

royal bed study room schodiště

For guided tour an adult pays 21 dollars and children 5 to 12 6 dollars. Audioguided tour cost 15 dollars for an adult, the children price remains the same.

Inside there is the throne room in crimson and gold colors. The king held official diplomatic audiences here, grandiose balls took place here as well. Other interesting part are private royal chambers. Furniture in the bedroom bears apparent traces of Asian as well as European influences. Next to the bedroom there is a study room. There one of Hawaiian first telephones is isntalled.

throne room dining room

Moreover, you can see historical tableware, glassware and silver collections bearing royal insignia, or a weapon collection (including remarkable royal sword, helmet or decoration).

There is not much to see on the palace grounds. Basically, only the coronation pavilion built in 1883. Classical music concerts take place regularly next to it. Today, the Hawaiian governor’s inauguration takes place there.

the coronation pavilion

Should you decide to visit the palace then take a look at the official website and browse the calendar . Various events, which may interesting for you, take place here including music concerts, or Hawaiian quilting classes.

GPS: 21°18'24.5"N 157°51'31.7"W

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikimedia Commons: Jason Raia, Arjunkrsen, Jason Raia (2), Jason Raia (3), Tokugawapants, Jeff Kern, Jeff Kern (2), WPPilot

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