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USA, Montana – Tracing Dinosaurs

Published: 10.5.2019
Montana is a state that will win your heart. Beautiful nature, starry sky and nice people. You can visit the town of Ekalaka, which is named after the daughter of the famous Indian Chief Sitting Bull. However, we will tell you straight away that there is no plan to plan a larger tour in Ekalation. It is rather a village to our circumstances. It is home for about 300 people.


Use a trip to this town as a form of a breakon your travels and have something to eat here. It is possible that you will pass through here if you follow the dinosaur footsteps on the Montana Dinosaur Trail. This route connects fourteen museums, state parks and other attractions that all revolve around those extinct creatures. However, we know very little about them, which is why this route is a great opportunity to learn at least a little interesting form.Montana

Because Montana is created to discover our prehistory, because a huge number of fossils have been discovered in this state, some of which were breakthroughs for paleontology. What's more, who of you did not fascinate dinosaurs in childhood?


To get a better grasp on what awaits you, we'll take you to several museums. A pleasant diversification of the trip is a prehistoric passport, which will be especially appreciated by smaller adventurers. The passport includes description on the most interesting of exhibits, interesting information about dinosaurs and, of course, stamp space. Once you have collected all 14, you will receive a gold seal, a route diploma and a themed shirt. If you wouldn't be able to manage the route for the first time and you feel the need to finish it, you have been there for five years.

lebky Pacycephalosaura

First we have to introduce you the Carter County Museum. Why? It is the first institution in Montana to show the dinosaur remains found more than 100 years ago. You can look forward to seeing the complete Triceratops skull. But you are also waiting for the young Tyrannosaurus rex, Plesiosaurus and many other species.

The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum is one of the most important museums on the route. In addition to dinosaur fossils including Triceratops, Stegosaurus, etc., you can also see the fossils of prehistoric plants, invertebrates, turtles or crocodiles.


Thirdly, we have to highlight the H. Earl Clack Museum, who exhibits a 75 million year old dinosaur egg and "duck dinosaur" embryos - Lambeosaurus.

GPS: 45°53'35.1"N 104°32'57.6"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org, Wikimedia Commons: ДиБгд, J.B. Chandler, USDA NRCS, Tim Evanson, Martin Kraft, MONGO

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