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USA, Pennsylvania – Trips Around Philadephia II

Published: 18.12.2020
In today's episode, we will build on the previous one, when we began to introduce you to places you can visit within driving distance of Philadelphia.

We will really sweeten our trip first. And we don't mean it ironically. We're going to the town of Hershey. Doesn't that tell you anything? Hershey is like Milka to the Americans. Synonym for chocolate. Milton Hershey made millions of dollars in the 19th and early 20th centuries by cheaply improving the process of making caramel and milk chocolate. Before, chocolate was a luxury item.


You can reach the city after a three-hour drive through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. His visit is all about chocolate. Here you will find the gigantic Hersheypark theme park and then also a combination of the theme park and the museum called Hershey´s Chocolate World. The city as such is easily accessible and not too expensive.

zábavní park

But let's also take a small trip somewhere in nature. Not far from Philadelphia lies The Poconos. This mountainous area is a famous destination for winter fun. There are over 180 ski slopes and cross-country trails. In summer, people like to go hiking, cycling or doing other adventure activities. There are about 150 lakes where you can swim, fish or take a boat. In some areas there are also rivers that can be rafted.

The Poconos

Another natural corner that is definitely worth a visit is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. People like to call it Pine Creek George. This 75-kilometer-long canyon reaches a depth of up to 440 meters. Unlike the real Grand Canyon, however, it is overgrown with trees. Various species of deciduous trees grow here, so for example, autumn is breathtaking here. You will put the imaginary crown on your trip if you try camping. In winter, you can try snowmobiling here. Pine Creek George offers over 250 kilometers of tracks.

Pine Creek Gorge na podzim

A popular destination for couples is the small town of New Hope, especially on weekends. The area in Bucks County is interwoven with history and the town itself is full of various antique shops. New Hope also has a thriving music scene and hosts the Bucks County Playhouse festival, which is well known outside the United States.

New Hope

The Delaware River ride is also popular thing to do, especially on inflatable rings. The water is taking you at a pleasant pace for about 10 km. If you prefer kayaks or canoes, they will be happy to accommodate you. By the way, Bucks County has also become a popular destination for food lovers in recent years. You will find many farms here, which include restaurants, so you can directly taste the fruits of their own agricultural production.

GPS: 40°17'21.0"N 76°39'14.6"W


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org: Bronayur, Rj1020, Snottywong, Paco36, Nicholas A Tonelli, Smallbones

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