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USA: Salem - Not Just The City Of Witches

Published: 13.7.2012
Read more about one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and about its frightening history...

Dům Johna Warda

City of Peace, as Salem is called, is a small town with great history. The city is situated on 46 square miles of Massachusetts Bay, where tourists can sunbathe on seven public beaches, and today it occupies more than 40 thousand inhabitants.


Essex StreetIn 1626 was at the mouth of the river Naumkeag by fisherman Roger Conant and a group of immigrants from the Cape Ann based merchant a small village that swept east of today's national station. In 1639 a contract was signed on the basis of which was to extend the municipal building (used for the purpose of public meetings of the population) of Peabody Essex Museumthe church. The first pastor of the Tabernacle became a Puritan Samuel Skelton. In 1679 he died in 87 years, Roger Conant and his honour was erected in the city looking at a huge statue of Salem land.

A few years later, between February 1692 and May 1693, near Salem and in the town were processes with witchcraft. If someone thought to the loss of property, one's illness or death was caused by witchcraft just he could accuse the person and the accused went to the local magistrate. If the court found it credible, the person was arrested and the public hearing followed. There was essentially forced to return and went to court where she could be accused of witchcraft or the camaraderie with the devil. The first man was being tried as follows Bridget Bishop, who was then in June 1692 in Salem executed. The process followed with another 29 people in Salem who have got a similar fate.

Proces s čarodějnicemi

During the American War of Independence Salem became the base of corsairs, who were behind the sinking or capture of some 600 British boats. At the end of the 18th century, the city has grown so much that he became the sixth largest city in the United States and was one of the most important ports. Due to great prosperity the houses for rich were built in the Federal style, inspired by neoclassical and georgian architecture. Salemský přístavHouses were lit room, whose walls were used to hang wallpaper or different fabrics.

Salem officially became a city in 1836 and still prospered from trade with China, India and Europe. However, during the 19th century began shipping in Salem decline because greater importance began to acquire the nearby Boston and New York. The city is therefore shifted to the production and became the main sectors tanneries, shoe manufacturing and processing cotton.

In 1914, Salem was devastated by fire which destroyed more than 400 houses, but fortunately avoided the historical architecture, including the town hall from 1837. In 1935 the city established its coastal patrol.

Today, Salem can boasts by the largest state university in Massachusetts, founded in 1854. For tourists it is attractive with its architecture.

Salem attractions

SalemPickman house - was built in 1664 and is considered the oldest surviving building in the city.

Gedney house - in 1664 he Eleazor Gedney, member of the famous shipbuilding family of Gedney, bought the land lying near the coast and the shipyard. A year later, he married a sister of the architect John Turner built his house.

Hamilton Hall - since 1805, when this building was built, was witnessed of many public meetings. At its heart is a ballroom in which to store up to 180 people and whose benefits are architectural details and decorations. In 1824 Hamilton Hall was even visited by the hero of the Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette.Gedneyův dům

John Ward House - its roots date back to 1684, the 20th century has been renovated and is now open to visitors, who also can see inside the furniture from the 17th century.

The Counting House - probably dates from 1830 and was one of the places they used sea captains for their business affairs - paying the fees are offset by accounts and counted earnings shipping routes.

Peabody Essex Museum - the creation of the museum dates back to 1799, when the East India Marine Society, which brought together Salem ship captains and officers who sailed for the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn. Originally the museum was a "cabinet of natural and manmade attractions here and receive items from around the world - North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, India, etc. Today a museum has more than a million works of art and items relating to marine and history. Part of this institution, which consists of 22 buildings, there are two libraries with more than 400 thousand books, manuscripts and documents.

Wax Museum - mannequins in this museum depicting the history of the city since its foHamilton Hallundation, you can see the example of New England pirates, witches and merciless judge. In addition, the museum building is an old burial ground, which is the second oldest in the country and is open to tourists.

House of the Seven Gables (The House of the Seven Gables) - Salem house built ship captain and businessman John Turner in 1668 and after three generations of his family belonged. Then he was also sold to Captain Samuel Ingersoll, and after his death in 1782 fell into the ownership of his daughter. At the beginning of the 20th century house and bought Caroline Emmerton let him restore order to preserve for future generations. Today, the house held a variety of lectures, exhibitions, discussions and sessions.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org - Daderot, Fletcher6, Fletcher6 foto2, Fletcher6 foto 3, Manuel Anastácio, Fritz Hugh Lane, Hugh Manatee, Henrietta D. Kimball

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